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Why Top Enterprises Are Preferring Swift App Development?

  • by Shah Faisal
  • 10 Months ago
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Here’s what Make the Top Enterprises Choos Swift App Development

Since the launch of swift programming language, Swift App Development has always been a hot topic among many top enterprises. Leading Swift App Development Company believes that this is the time to veer to a fully featured and more approachable coding language for iOS app development, “Swift”.

Lyft rewrote its iOS App from Scratch in Apple’s Swift.

Top enterprises like LinkedIn, Lyft, American Airlines, and Getty Images are preferring Swift App Developer over anything else. Lyft even rewrote its iOS app from scratch in Swift.

Lyft is a privately held American transportation network company widely owned booking taxi on demand. Rewriting the entire app help them perform the same task in less than one- third of their earlier code. The app went from 75000 lines of code to 25000. Another benefit of Swift app is that your app may get featured in the App store as Apple gives priority to the apps that follow the trends they launch.

Swift offers higher quality code that’s easier to maintain along with related performance enhancements and maybe this is why it is being preferred by many top enterprises across the globe.

Swift is the Future of Enterprise App Development.

For building your iOS mobile app, are you facing the dilemma of choosing between Objective-C and Swift? It is pretty common now because these two languages for development still seem to be ferocious competitors.

Since the development of Swift, the predictions about its future is being the middle of all discussions between developers and enterprises. Most developers claim that Swift is better that its predecessor, Objective – C, but is it really so?

Here are some of the major advantages of Swift over Objective C:

Less code, less legacy: Swift is a more compact language for programming, offering better readability and reusability.

Less error-prone: The syntax and language constructions in Swift exclude the various types of mistakes potentially possible in Objective-C.

Faster: Ina test, Swift’s performance approaches the one of C++, which is considered as the fastest algorithm calculation arithmetic.

Open Source: Its code will be more portable to numerous platforms than Objective-C could ever be.

Swift is Interactive: Swift Playgrounds helps developers to test code instantly without compiling big pieces of it or creating the whole app. One can easily and quickly check and correct everything along with further development.

However, Objective C is still the first choice of many developers. The iOS apps created in Swift truly live up to the name, by being fast, of a better quality and offering high performance.

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