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Why Mobile is Becoming More Important than Ever

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  • 3 Years ago
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 Mobile is Becoming Important every Passing Hour. Here’s Why

IT is one of the industries in which the shelf life of a product is reducing significantly as compared to others. The pace of introduction of new technology and rapid advancements are increasing out of leaps and bounds. It all started with computers and invention of a personal computer or PC has contributed to the growth more than anything else. Now, the PC is being replaced by latest mobile phones and we share a few reasons why.

High level of personalization

From the choice of personalized wallpapers, selection of widgets, use of ring tones to preference of deciding responsiveness a smartphone today offers ultimate personalization to the users. This has been unheard and inconceivable for from any other device so far.

Advanced technology in compact size

Thanks to bundling of power packed features in the handheld device, mobile users are benefiting from the convergence at its best. Nanotechnology has reduced the size of a laptop to 4, five or 6 inch smart phone. Advanced architecture, and design used in today’s smart phone make them deliver outstanding performance without consuming much power. Club it with the ultimate apps designed around needs of today’s aspiring individuals and business users and mobile transforms into a device simply irresistible.

Ease of access to 24 x 7

Capabilities of an advanced computer encased in a mobile, has made it possible for a user to carry it everywhere he or she goes. Now, one can access mails, send an attachment, create a Power Point slide or edit an Excel sheet on the go.

Caters to diversified segment

Whether a user is looking to flaunt it as a status symbol or uses it to portray oneself as a tech geek or simply to carry out daily tasks, today’s smartphone meets everyone’s need. Common configuration of a mobile phone is 1GB RAM, 8-to-32GB internal memory and provision for external storage, there are a number of mobiles available at different price points. From a meager 100USD mobile to a mobile of 1000 USD users have got a huge variety of options to choose from.



Option to choose according to one’s need

A user has an option to choose a mobile based on the need. For example a business user running a small business would find it easy to on an android-based mobile. You build integrated Android apps to optimize your business prospects. While Google android mobiles offer us easy to use mechanism iPhones may appeal to users with different set of expectations from the device.

Convergence at its best

Enjoy the best of multimedia experience on the go. A smartphone gives you access to excellent audio-video player, high-end audio-video recording and publishing options. Linking of mobile phone health apps with wearable health monitoring devices and integration with cloud computing are some of the aspects which are transforming entire scenario for mobile computing.

Opens up new opportunities

After the introduction of Mobile based transactions facilitated by tailor-made apps, the business in today’s times has undergone a complete turnaround. Exceeding the expectations the share of M-commerce is growing at the rate of 40% in US and the pattern is somewhat similar across the globe.

For the mobile phone users as well as for the technology providers, it will be fair to conclude that the best time to take the plunge in mobile computing has come and that time is now.


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