What makes a bad app?

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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What Goes Into the Making of a Bad App

Ours is the age of mobile revolution with emerging technology, where almost everything is done with the aid of an app.

Apps as we call them are applications which help us to navigate our smart phones/hi-end devices effortlessly. There are so many useful apps which make our lives simple these days. Equally there are some apps which not so helpful and are waste of time.

If you ask me, what makes a bad app? I would answer with a few reasons. Here are they:

User- friendly access:

If I am using an app in my smart phone /tablet, I expect it to be user friendly. It means the app has to be easy to use and is not very complicated to access.

Time consumption:

The app I use has to be to a quick launcher. If the app takes more than 10 seconds to open up then I definitely lose my patience and won’t like to use the app again.

Memory space:

If the app is too heavy or acquires more memory space, but has very less utility then it’s a mere waste to install such app. So, one has to be wise in choosing app which has lot of advantages with less memory usage than the ones which are bulky and space consuming.


Apps that are malicious are definitely bad apps as they would have lot of bugs, viruses, malware embedded in them, which may cause harm to the valuable device you are using. Such kinds of apps are dangerous as they may intrude in your personal data (including passwords, bank details, pictures, texts etc.) So choice of apps has to be done safe.

Impact on the hardware/device:

Apps are piece of software which runs on the hardware platform. Generally apps improve or enhance the ability of the hardware. But some apps have major destructive impact on the hardware.

For example: There are apps that drain the battery very quickly causing damage to the battery. Similarly there are apps that affect the display ending up damaging the motherboard of the device.

Limited Features:

We as humans always believe in value for money. If we buy an app we want it to be loaded with many functional features worth the money paid for it. An app can be termed as ‘bad app’ if it has limited or very less features. Hence avoid such apps.

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