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What Lies in Store for Mobile App Development?

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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The Future of Mobile App Development

The mobile app market has developed to exponential heights over the past few years and it is highly feasible that it will continue on this winning streak.

Since we have all already experienced several apps, it is the time that we look forward to what the future of the development of mobile apps has in store for us.

With the growing popularity of apps and the well-being of app developers, what can we expect?

With the information about how apps have flourished in the last few years, how can we predict what is going to happen in the near future?

Well, let us take a look.

We bring you a list of five raising factors that we feel might be the pillars of the future of mobile app development.

Cross-Device Development and Cross-Platform Development

Whenever mobile platforms are discussed, we generally tend to stick to iOS, Android or Windows.

Although iOS has continued its strong hold on the market with no possible hint of letting their rank go, Android has been neck and neck with iOS in the race for the top position with mobile devices that are available at cheaper prices.

Yet, Windows has already seen a negative curve in the mobile platform usage. This is not going to change anytime soon and there is no possible new rival platform which could take on these giants.

Meanwhile, mobile devices are also not subjected to a surprising change. What generally comes to mind when mobile phones are discussed are either iPhones or various Android devices, such as Samsung phones or Google’s nexus phones.

Creating apps that can work effortlessly on any platform and device is currently being done.

However, in the near future, we would be able to witness the cross-platform mobile development tools that would help in developing apps that would work with ease on any given platform.

IoT App Development for Mobiles

Mobile phones and tablets are no longer the only future for mobile app development. We are already in the age of Smart-Everything powered by cloud computing in which our smartphones are not left secluded.

App development for Internet of Things (IoT) will be larger in the coming days, though the present hard work is not yet helping.

The Apple watch, which was released in 2015, and the Android wear have already been shot to fame in the smart watch industry. Hence, there is an inclination towards these watches rather than towards smartphones or tablets.

We have only now begun to consider the actual potential of such wearable devices. Yet, wearables are only one of the gadgets in which IoT is used.

We have also seen applications with IoT in products like the self-driving car by Google, the fridge that can access your tweets, and the ring that manages everything.

As these devices start to connect more, the chance for software companies to instill value to mobile devices becomes more vital.

Gradually, the competition will be based on who has the better software for the device possessed.

This is where the application development for mobile devices and its future becomes a boon.

Tools for App Developers

How does development tools for developers to develop more tools sound?

In the coming days, the mobile app industry will witness more developers programming more specialized tools which could be used for app development.

The app market has already shown instances of becoming big and developers would not have missed it. Highly efficient tools, especially ones that could be used for cross-platform development, would make it easy for developers to develop apps efficiently.

There is also a certain evolution in the deep linking tools of smartphones. Though not intriguing, it would be fun to see how the deep linking would enhance the user experience by just connecting various devices and platforms.

Fast Growth

The future of app development will concentrate on reducing the life cycle of app production. This will go in sync with the arrival of third-party tools that are supposed to decrease the hard work genuinely done by mobile app developers these days.

With many apps being released every year, the industry is set on a race to defy time. Extraordinary app ideas need to be configured earlier rather than later in order to avoid some random company making it to the market before you reach it.

The method we resort to in approaching the development of apps may also change as time passes. We have already borne witness to many of the lean ideas and the importance of testing, prototyping and learning before developing.

The future will only polish these skills and make way for quicker and better cycles for development.

Enterprise Apps

The greatest opportunities in the mobile application development industry will turn out to be enterprise apps rather than being consumer apps.

This is because it is much harder to make consumers spend cash on apps. Businesses, however, may be more than willing to invest their money if the product assures them greater profits.

But, mobile app developers are not really drawn to mobile app development to make money, despite it being a profitable venture.

In future, there is a possibility of the trend changing with mobile app developers targeting enterprises in large numbers.

These are the upcoming trend changes that can make way to a whole new era of apps that will be something larger than what they are today!

What’s your prediction? Please share your opinion below and thanks for reading!

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