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Wearables' journey from time telling to life optimization

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 4 Years ago
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This is how Wearable has Traveled in Time

Although the journey of wearable devices originated in early 70s, the sci-fi and detective movies projected a bigger role for them. It had assumed many forms ranging from wearable glasses to cameras, from Bluetooth fitted shoes to wristwatches. The later has caught the attention of the major electronic companies leading to creation of the latest wrist wearable, smart watches.

Pulsar LED calculator watch

The early starters

Pulsar is known to be among the early starters to have built a wristwatch equipped with calculator. Starting with a calculator wristwatch in 1975 to Nike and Apple team-up product of sports kit in 2006 the wearable devices have come a long way. This Nike accessories and Apple iPod could record users’ movement onto iPod. It showed what future held for wearable devices especially wrist watches.


Emergence of wrist wearable’s as fitness devices

2007 saw the emergence of more sophisticated wristbands from Fitbit. It has been offering considerably advanced fitness solutions by letting the user track made dresses like number of steps walked and quality of sleep. Pebble was another company which is offered wrist watches that also served as the fitness device. Watches from wearable Pebble are considered highly successful because of its utility and visually appealing design.


The year that redefined the prospects of smart wristwears

2014 was the year of renaissance for the smart watches with mobile companies jumping into the bandwagon to come up with the first smart watch and to take the lead from the competition. In spite of the sluggish performance and shortsighted preparation of smart watches, its market has been very promising. So the question is what gives smart watches the edge. The answer lies in the huge potential to serve as the convergence it offers to the users.

The smart edge


Apart from the use as a fitness device, smart notification for calls and texts a smart watch helps the wearer to interact with their smart phone without taking it out of the pocket. Rivalry of the Titans, Apple and Google is making the customers ready to welcome new surprises; to expect the unexpected. Custom apps developed around the smart watches increases efficiency.

Provision for third-party apps development around iOS and Android OS developed by leading app development companies will optimize its uses further. Google and Apple both have offered support so that the developers can develop meaningful apps around the smartwatches running on their respective OS.

The future

A few game changers for smartwatches could be:

– Developing awesome apps to optimize use of smartwatches

– Advanced configuration

– Efficient battery, which is not more than 1 day currently

– Cover broad metrices of physical activity tracking

– Potential to work as standalone smart watch

Smartwatches based on iOS and Android OS empowered by meaningful apps are going to make users’ life easy. In future these watches are going to facilitate paperless transaction, function as standalone device for its primary function of time keeping and to work as a proactive digital assistant. Better battery efficiency to more intuitive interaction with the smartphone and improved hardware configuration could be some of the aspects that need to be addressed. If not inter-platform compliance, companies are most likely to offer inter-device compatibility.

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