Understanding the Differences between Angular.Js and Node.js

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The Differences in Angular.Js and Node.js

JavaScript made many things easier for web developers. What started as a simple way to validate form data, open pop-up boxes and add a little more functionality to websites, has now grown to be the most important programming language for both server-side and client-side scripting of web applications. As JavaScript evolved, many libraries, such as jQuery, Angular.js and Node.js, came into the scenario and each had its own added convenience and powerful features. As these libraries are increasingly becoming mandatory for developing successful web applications, understanding the differences between them is very important.

So, let us start with Angular.js and Node.js.

Both Angular.js and Node.js are JavaScript toolsets that are aimed at making web development easier and more powerful. While both share some similarities, the most important similarity being their JavaScript code base, their architectures and working is quite different.

Both Angular.js and Node.js form major constituents of the popular MEAN (including MongoDB, ExpressEngine, Angular.js and Node.js) stack used in web application development.


Angular.js is a web development framework developed by Google and is mostly used for client-side applications.

It is written in JavaScript and makes use of the directives. This framework is used in the development of rich internet applications and interactive web applications and is considered the best framework for building single-page applications.

The directives used in Angular.js enable you to extend the HTML syntax and describe the application components with clarity. Unlike many other frameworks, Angular.js allows for two-way data binding.

Some of the things Angular.js do include:

  • – DOM manipulation,
  • – Writing custom HTML declarations,
  • – Manage state of model(s), and
  • – Integrated with other UI tools.

Angular.js enables you to decouple the DOM manipulation from application logic.http://www.chromeinfotech.com/blog/wp-admin/post.php?post=948&action=edit

Application development is made very simple with the help of features like automatic data bindings, directives and filters. This framework also provides efficient code management and thus reduces much of a developer’s burdens.

It can also be easily integrated with other mobile application development frameworks, such as PhoneGap and Cordova.


Node.js is a cross-platform runtime system and runtime environment for applications written in JavaScript.

It is an open source V8 JavaScript engine and is written in C, C++ and JavaScript programming languages. This system is mostly used in the development of server-side, networking and real-time web applications.

The system is further non-blocking and has an event driven architecture that is suitable for creating real-time applications, such as instant messengers and chat applications.

The core modules of Node.js make it capable of integrating it with other web server programs, such as Apache, Nginx and IIS. Many other frameworks, such as Express.js, Partial.js and Sails.js, are derived from Node.js.

Some of the things Node.js do include:

  • – Communicate with databases, websockets and middleware; and
  • – Serves web servers.

Node.js is most suitable for rapid development of web applications where changes have to be accommodated frequently. Its data intensive operations and non-blocking I/O model make it the perfect scripting language for latency sensitive applications.

A Comparison of Angular.js and Node.js


So, which JavaScript framework do you use? Do you have any questions or points to share? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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