The Ultimate Guide to Make your IOT App Stand Out

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Here’s how you make your IOT App Successful

Your fridge sends a grocery list, on to your mobile phone app, every time you run of F&B essentials. A robotic vacuuming device automatically cleans the house based on the criteria set by you on a mobile app. Traffic lights senses the traffic situation and send messages to cars about congested roads! And cars respond to these messages by sending mobile notifications on best routes suggestions, to drivers! Sounds absurd? It shouldn’t, because all this technology actually exists today and are prime examples of IOT(Internet of Things) apps. Making it official that the Jetson’s era is here.

The ‘make-believe’ Jetsons TV series originally launched in 1962, over 37 years before the phrase “IOT” was even devised! And it couldn’t be more relevant today. What’s more, by 2020, the count of ‘connected things’ is expected to hit 50 billion, and generate global revenue of $8.9 trillion.


What is IOT and where do apps fit in?

Where does IoT app fits

Internet of things is a way to give consumers more control over their life & surroundings, thus making their lives easier. IOT connects ‘dumb’ objects in your environment. These objects are then able to seek, manage, store & transmit vast amounts of data, in an automated fashion to the end users. Thus, IOT injects intelligence into mundane devices & gives users more information, even from a remote site.

Elements required for a successful IOT app solution:

“Things” connected to the internet –  Everyday objects with low-power processors, sensors, a simple OS and a means to transmit messages via communication protocols.

Ingestion tier –  It’s a layer of software and infrastructure that runs in a data center, or IT cloud. This tier receives & organizes the data that comes from the “things”.

Analytics tier –  this layer processes the organized data.

The app interface & coding – The UI and programming to send queries/requests and deliver the processed data to end-users

Good news for most app developers is that the real challenge is cracking the app development, while you let ready-to-use IOT development platforms do rest of the heavy lifting detailed above.


How to ensure that your IOT app stand out in the industry

Build Value

Build Real Value

A medicine box that shares SMS alerts with you, reminding you of when to pop the next pill; and a golf tee that gives you instructions that help with your swing – these are very novel ‘out-of-the-box’ app ideas.

But the question that you need to ask yourself as app developers is: Will people pay good money for the use of your app & will they make it a part of their daily lives? According to a recent research, the smart home stands out as the most in-demand IOT application, followed by wearables & smart city apps.

Over two-thirds of consumers expect to buy “connected” technology for their homes by 2019, according to Acquity Group; and nearly half expect to buy wearable technology. Using sensors that can track temperature, movement or speed; you could create systems talk to each other. Thermostats that turns off, as soon as the last person leaves the house is a great example of IOT app for smart homes that is used in many tech-savvy households today.

Make it Big-Data friendly

It is predicted that, by 2020, 50 billion to 75 billion connected devices will create 13 quadrillion connections to the Internet and generate 200 Exabyte of data per year! That is a lot of information.

The much touted big data analytics can be harnessed like never before to understand customer usage patterns & behavior like never before. As an app developer, it would really help to have cloud space to store all the big data & an analytics team that can make sense of all this data. Information thus gleaned can be used to better your app functionality and interface!




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