Top platforms for mobile app development

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 1 year ago
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Mobile app development platforms are evolving with time, here are the ones that are topping the list now…

With the growing use of mobile apps in our life, there is no doubt that we have become dependent on apps for our routine activities. Apps have become a necessity for us within no time.

To match up with the expectations of the users and to be ahead of the competitors, it is very crucial to have an outstanding app that not only satisfies the users but also can generate benefits for present and future. Hence, to develop such an app you need to have a mobile app development platform.A mobile application development platform is a software that allows you to rapidly building, testing and deploying apps for smartphones. It cannot be imagined to develop an app without choosing the right platform.

Here, we are listing some of the platforms and their features that you can consider for developing your next app:

  1. SAP: SAP started with mobility very early as compared to others app developing platforms and thus is the first choice when it comes to listing the app development platforms. It provides a very flexible environment for the development of mobile applications with plug-ins for Visual Studio. It is the first choice for broad mobile initiatives.
  1. Syclo: It initially offered enterprise asset management application but then evolved as app development platform over the years. It now offers many B2C applications along with being an exceptional platform for B2E applications.
  1. Antenna: This is the perfect platform for you if you want to develop different types of applications for multiple devices. It has a development studio along with scalable cloud runtime service that can run on many devices.
  1. Kony: It started only with consumer facing application but then extended to offer B2E applications. It is an excellent choice for applications that needs to use the native features of mobiles. It can be used to deploy apps for mobile devices, browsers, desktops once build.
  1. Adobe: It is the platform that is the first choice of any company that wants to develop a media-rich application. It can also be preferred for merging the mobile web applications with many other different platforms.
  1. Sencha: This platform is the best fit when looking a platform with a web-centric approach. The companies having many mobile applications prefers using this platform. It is based on HTML 5.
  1. JQuery Mobile: This is the best platform if you want to have an open source mobile web framework and to get the maximum advantage of the existing JQuery. It can be used for making innovative interactive web pages for mobile devices by making the use of CSS
  1. Appcelerator: This type of application development platform is best used to get the advantage of multiple operating system applications.
  1. Verivo: If you have a limited resources for development, this platform can be the best solution that you can use. It has elements that can be shared between different platforms making it a perfect platform for an excellent user experience. It can be used to develop light applications for a variety of devices.
  1. Dojo: Being an open source framework for development, this is used to develop many interactive web pages for both mobile devices and desktops.

The choice of platform for developing an app is equally important like developing an app. If a wrong platform is chosen, then despite having all the essential features that an app should have to be a success amongst the users, your app will never win hearts of the audiences.

Thus, the selection of the right platform is very important in deciding the success of your app. So which one will you choose?

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