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Tips on Increasing Profits of a Restaurant by Mobile App development

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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A Mobile App can do Wonders for Your Restaurant

A mobile App can add leaps and bounds to your restaurant profit as anyone with an iPhone or a Smartphone can reach your restaurant through your App. Having a Mobile App Developed  for your food business is beneficial in so many ways. It increases the visibility of your business and if that business is food business i.e. a restaurant then you can get a platform to portray your specialties and uniqueness to millions of people. If you don’t want to launch your App on all type of Smartphones you can choose two most popular operating systems for mobile. You may go for iPhone App development or only android phone app development as it will cost less. Let’s delve on ways to increase your profits through mobile app development for your restaurant:


Let’em order online through mobile app

Give your customers more options to order using their smartphones. Researches show that people who place order using smartphones are more satisfied with their ordering decisions and their platter size too is relatively large. All you have to do is to upload your complete menu with special placement of your star recipes. Don’t forget to add amazing pics of sumptuous dishes of your restaurant. It saves considerable time of your potential customers so they will love to scroll through different food options within the app displaying on their smartphone screens.

Promote Referrals through social media

After you are done with your customized iPhone app development for your restaurant, focus on making your business popular. You may add an option of social media referrals for your app users in a few simple steps. When your food is good, your customers will love to talk about it and spread the word. When you add referrals, you add cherry on the cake. It’s a proven fact that recommendation by a friend always is always more convincing and makes a person visit the place for at least once.


Offer Mobile Reservations

Oh! So, there is always a waiting list in your restaurant! Add a feature of mobile reservation during mobile App development phase, to make your customers more comfortable in reaching your restaurant. Also, it will be easier to keep a record of customers coming in a day.

Encourage newsletter signups and offer push notifications

These are two very effective ways to present your customers with new dishes or surprise addition to your menu. It also serves as a great medium to interact with your customers. You can notify your customers about upcoming special events through newsletters and push notifications. We see you have already planned interesting and irresistible events like spicy Fridays, crunchy Mondays! Isn’t it? It helps you increase your sale considerably.


Bring in some rewards:

Be creative. Try and give out some rewards, make them simple but tempting. Offer rewards on your customers’ regular dishes. You may plan extra points on special events, birthdays or anniversary. You need to be little thoughtful in your offers and rewards you receive in increased visits is going to be huge. By investing little on rewards from time to time you can keep all tables reserved and busy and that’s how a famous and high earning restaurant of your dreams should look like.

Consult ChromeInfo Technologies team to come up with interesting app for your restaurant and let the leading mobile apps development company help you out. Increase your restaurant profits with its great expertise in developing restaurant based applications.

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