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  • The “Uber” Based “Innovative Business Models” – Delivering Exceptional App Experience

The “Uber” Based “Innovative Business Models” – Delivering Exceptional App Experience

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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On Demand App – the Talk of the App Town

Of all the disruptive innovations in mobility, the one which is being considered as “brimming with possibilities to change the century old blueprints of business” is – “On-demand” or Uber-Based marketplace services. Experts says, and even if we see the underlying facts, it reveals the long term impact this mobile based services are going to have on the industry; it’s here to stay and revolutionize the way business connect to consumers, grow and generate revenue. It’s totally worth the saying that the smartphone-beckoned on demand apps have made our lives easy – the idea that consumers can simply tab their phones to access information and get things they need whether it is a cab service, on-demand help, healthcare, education, food or hospitality. The idea of on-demand services started with the inception of Uber, a taxi booking app which has achieved milestones like no one else has – in terms of technology, reach and of course revenue; and right from there this innovation has penetrated into thousands of verticals, changing millions of lives, and there’s no stop.

Considered to be one of the most efficient emergence of Silicon Valley startups, on-demand services have not only brought consumers & service providers closer to each other but also simplified things like – locating each other, making payments, review and feedbacks, etc. Companies like Uber, Fancy Hands, Airbnb, Handy and Home Joy are flourishing, driven by such technologies. We’re in a new generation of “Mobility Landscape”, where consumer is evidently used to getting anything and everything served at their “fingertips”; and everyone in the industry wants to capitalize this insurgence, be it startups, SMEs or even large enterprises.

There are so many exceptional ideas floating in some of the brilliant brains, waiting to be converted into apps and renovate the way we work. Here we will discuss some of the remarkable features which you can have in your app to make it incredible – in terms of popularity and revenue generation. You can have on-demand app for almost all business requirement, it’s easy to implement and highly cost-efficient. We will talk in brief about different verticals where apps have or can hit the shores and transform civilization.

Transportation and Commute

Transportation and commuting vertical is full of potentials when it comes to offer superior convenience through technology innovation. Let’s assume a situation when consumers, using their mobile devices, book their conveyance – be it cab, shuttle etc. How easy it makes their commute, now they don’t have to stand in long wait for their taxi, as they already know when and at what exact time will the cab reach. Some exciting features can be –
• Real Time Location Tracking of the Booked Cab
• Traffic Analysis
• Route Map
• Ride Share
• Payment Through in built app wallet

Logistics & Shipping

People can search for appropriate logistics services providers in their proximity, check their availability, communicate and book their merchandise, get invoices, make payments and send feedbacks. These all will bridge the gaps between consumers and services providers to save their time and efforts to make their lives easy. More features that can be considered and included are –
• Package planning
• Package detail based cost calculator
• Availability Check for Delivery
• Recipients Digital Conformation of Receipt

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism industry deal with people on the move. Consumers might not be able to access information through desktop/laptops while they are on the go so, mobile technology comes in very handy for them. Mobile apps enabling travelers to
• Book Hotels/ Tickets
• Check Availability of Rooms
• Compare Hotel Prices
• Check Weather Conditions
• Travelers Review
• Information about the place

Locate hotels/ homestays on the go are most commonly used these days. A little more innovative features that will act like a differentiator can be – accessing details of hotel, homestay owners (assessment for security purposes), checking other amenities at hotel like – restaurant, bar, nearby places for sightseeing, etc.

Groceries & Utilities

People want to save their time from buying things of daily needs such as groceries. However, they also do not want to compromise on quality or costs. A mobile application enabling them to purchase things from their nearest grocery store, check for better quality and pricing at other stores, compare pricing and get the best stuff delivered at their doorstep. These will not only save the time of tech savvy customers but also bring in satisfaction that they purchased the best available things after comparing all possible options saving their efforts of physically going there.

Need Based Assistance

In the self-constrained world today, people do not know each other much. In this case, finding the appropriate person who can assist you in your daily chores becomes a bit difficult. People needing assistance do not want to look for things through conventional methods such as – asking people, checking their nearby areas, or accessing devices such as – desktop/laptops. Now, a mobile application enabling them to look for help, assessing the service providers, communicate and do transaction would come pretty handy. There are so many apps ideas that can work in these verticals –
• Get House Help, Teachers, Babysitters, Cook
• Local On-demand help for anything

Real Estate

Real estate is something people are scared of spending too much of their quality time in order to make a decision. Mobile technology can empower both – consumers and service providers. Let’s think about a situation when a consumer has to decide and make a purchase. The customer searches all available options and gets to see the place through 360-degree virtual tour feature of the places. Consumers know the interiors, exteriors, floor plans, amenities and things in close proximity before visiting the real-estate company. Now, the consumers will go to the real-estate company and will have to ask minimal queries about the property to make their decision. This will also save the real-estate company’s time as they will not have to spend too much of time with every customer to show the property and share the details.

Lifestyle and Fashion

There is a lot of buzz in the fashion and beauty industry after technologies like IoT and augmented reality. Assume a situation when an ecommerce reseller provides an option to upload your photos and the consumers can see how they will look in their new jacket or after wearing the cosmetics they are going to buy. However, current technology trends already include features like –
• Buying Fashion Clothing Online
• Easy Delivery
• Booking appointments at your nearest beauty salon
• Checking the profiles and qualifications of your beauty consultants
• Booking appointments
• Making Payments

Its’ Business Time, Create Your Own “On-The-Go” App

Everyone is shifting gears to create their Uber for “X”, Now you need to identify this X for your business. It can be anything, from a grocery app to a property listing app. The on-demand platform just needs a brilliant idea from your side and then you’ll see the miracle it does in the industry. The idea is to deliver a superior mobile experience to your customers, by creating functionalities that will help them do their work in a better and smarter way.

As in-depth mobile technology consultants, we are precisely monitoring this app based on-demand service platform. We are continuously innovating our deliverables with out-of-the box thinking and creative development. People come to us with ideas, and we help them create business out of it. We have helped some of the key players in the industry to deliver Uber like apps for their specific niche market.

If you are reading this article, we are sure there is some idea bulb flicking in your mind. Give it a platform, and see it become an app sensation, changing millions of live and returning billions in figures. You have an app idea, feel free to reach us – we will be happy to be your mobility partner and see your business grow!

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