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Tap Your Travel Business with a Mobile App, Revolutionize the Way You Serve Your Customers

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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This is why your Travel Business needs a Mobile App

In recent years we have seen how mobile apps have established a thriving market in the travel industry, increasing productivity and restyling end-user experiences. This app based service is being considered as one of the most disruptive storms which has taken every travel marketer with a surprise. It was this idea that saw emergence of sites like Expedia, Orbitza or Priceline becoming the industry leaders. Today travel applications are playing pivotal roles in purchase decisions of tours destinations, hotels, accommodation, food etc. Tripadvisor is another giant that shares reviews from travelers all around the world, helping people make a better decision when planning a trip.

In the “Go Mobile” age we are in, everyone wants things on their “fingertips”, they order food on-the-go, plan a trip while they move and more, everything happens the mobile way. A lot of startups are seen to be emerging in Travel App space with fantastic ideas to take their customers on a bandwagon. The process is gradually iterating and is sure to take quantum leaps. If you are a Startup or an SME planning to step foot in this industry, its’ high time to take the mobile app stroll and capitalize the market.


According to a recent report from emarketer, the total spending on online travel services will cross a mark of $300 billion by the end of 2016 with an estimated 50 million people from just America booking their travel via mobile devices. The travel industry is vividly maturing and significantly more and more users are purchasing travel on their mobile devices. App gives them an easy way to research about their next destination, look for hotel and local markets, everything while they are on the move. They don’t have to specially sign into their laptops to plan their trip. With such a vast customer base vouching for travel apps, marketers all around the world are focusing on their app based services to gain potential growth and revenue.
Here we’ll talk about the different features of travel apps, which are attracting the customers to get going to their dream destinations. When you provide your customers simple and easy to use functionalities, they totally dip into it, after all what they want is genuine services which they can trust.

• Information about the destinations, travel Get-Aways!

When people plan to go somewhere, either they know about the destination or are taking their first trip there. In both the cases, user researches a lot about these places as its better to be safe than sorry. Reports say, almost 60% users repeatedly check for information or specific places. Bet is to give them trustworthy information about the destination they are looking for.

Information can be of several different categories –
o Climate of the Place
o What is the best time to visit?
o Food Specialties
o Local Markets
o Health Conditions
o Places to visit in the vicinity
o Activities to do

• Listing of Conveyance Options to Reach There
Once your users are sure to visit a specific place, the next thing they will look for is how to reach there. Give them a list of all the options via road, rail or air. This will help them make a better decision of their conveyance options.

• Option to Book Transportation right from the app, and not going to another site to book it
If you have the list of commuting options ready, give them the option to book it there and then, without leaving the app and making those purchase from other sites. You can get to agreements with third party taxi services, Bus bookings, Airlines etc. to give your users their choice of transportation in your app itself.

• Show Listing of Good Accommodation, Hotels, Home Stays
One of the most in-demand features is listing of hotels. Give your users the choice of all hotels, all prices and at all locations in the specific place. But be very sure that the hotels you are listing in your app must be good and reliable. Because users just go by your words, they don’t know about the place, and all they trust is your app’s credibility. Give them the choice of hotels or homestays, as these are also in high demand.

• Compare Hotel Prices
You can give your users a share comparison of hotel prices on your app and other sites. This will help them take decisions easy and fast.

• Ratings of Hotels
Access the user’s feedback, hotel services, accommodation and other features to give the Hotel a proper App rating. This way you can let your users know which hotel is more trustworthy and take their decision accordingly

• Feedback of Recent Travelers
For users, give an option in your App to register their feedback about the place, the commute, the hotel, services, markets and everything. This will help other travelers to take their decisions based on that and also they will trust you app. Once they realize that whatever information you give is real, they will come to your app again and again.

• Special Offers, Discounts
Give your app user special offers and discounts to make them do their bookings through your app. This is the way you can do your app promotion and increase your customer base.

Time for Travel Marketers to Embrace Mobility, Capitalize the Market

Travel industry is getting matured with every new sun, and those who are adopting innovations early will be the best reapers. If we believe the reports, this industry is in a niche stage right now and is exploding with potentials. Every day we see new startups hitting its shores with brilliant ideas. Travel and tourism is an evergreen vertical with everyone looking for their dream destinations, and this will never stop. Now it’s totally in your platter that how you take your idea ahead to benefit from this market.

We have been working with key players in the travel industry to redefine their mobility engagements. We understand Travel market top to bottom, and help businesses all around the world to capitalize this market with outstanding mobile apps.

You are a startup, SME planning to create your name in the travel space, we are there for you. Let us know your idea and we assure you a delivery of fantastic user experience. We’ll be happy to be your technology partner for your new app venture.

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