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Take the Right Step With Native Application Development Company

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  • 11 Months ago
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How to Choose the Right Native App Development Company

So you have decided that you need to develop a mobile application for your business. You have one decision more to take now. What will be the nature of your app? Will it be a native app, browser based app or hybrid app which usage the browser infrastructure to render pages developed in HTML5 and JavaScript? You talk to your mobile app development company and seek their feedback.

In this article we will explain, when and how to proceed with the most suitable native application development company; here we also give you some objective parameters to judge their native mobile app development process.

When to choose Native Mobile Application Development above the other options?

In customer centric organizations like e-Commerce, BFSI, education, healthcare, travel and hospitality where there is massive tractions on the front-end and complex backend data transactions, it is important that the app is robust enough to deliver performance. For organizations looking for performance-critical mobile apps, native mobile apps development is way to go.

In General, if your product has a high complexity and uses many of the device components like accelerometer, GPS and other built in functionalities; and native gestures like swiping and two finger pinch for zooming in, highly rich in UI/UX – going for Native Apps can be a good idea.

Now, when you have chosen the Native way and further finalized the company to go with, you should be very clear on your requirements. A Good native application development company does follow best processes, but even then you need to be very clear on your goals.

Take the right step with your right partners.

User Experience First

By choosing to develop a Native App, you have already expressed your inclination towards a good user experience. Now it’s time to do it best. A few considerations are of utmost importance. For example, the size of the screen, which in case of mobile devices is big concern; you have to be very careful in designing your components. First thing is to make sure that your pages are not too much cluttered. Clickable items must not be too small otherwise it will make it difficult for the users to use those features. Minimalistic screens with good visual appeal go a long way in improving user experience.

Size of the App

Always remember; memory is always a constraint for the mobile devices. And if your app takes up a lot of memory, your users might become reluctant in downloading and keeping the app on their device. This makes it essential to keep the size of your app as small as possible.

Competitor Analysis in Native App Development Process is a must

It’s possible that what you are developing has already been developed partially by someone else or something similar has already been worked upon before. Find all such apps on the app store and Google play and do a thorough research on their methodologies and features. This gives you a lot of insight in defining, designing and developing your own features. There is sometimes a better way to do the same thing. Do not lose on the wisdom acquired by your competitors and/or always look forward to build over their mistakes and achievements.

Ensure Data Security

Native Mobile apps are vulnerable to security threats. This is one area where you cannot and must not compromise. Ensuring the security against the data breach requires a lot of expertise. Here the expertise of your technology partners will be of utmost help. Data encryptions for data in transit and storage and user authentication are two of the important areas that need to be taken care of.

Data Analytics and Testing

A quintessential ideal process of developing your app involves a lot of testing and user data analytics. Build over the data you gather from the user behavior and preferences on your app and include them in developing the next set of features or refining the existing feature. And test your apps rigorously as if your life depended on it.

A good Native Application Development company should have satisfactory answers to – How they take care of these concerns in their app development process.

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