• How have mobile apps impacted the healthcare industry?

    If we look around us, our world has become restricted to mobile apps, with the most being used for shopping, entertainment, or chatting with our circle of friends. The one that has recently been influenced by the wave of mobility is the healthcare sector. Earlier, we couldn’t have even imagined how mobile apps would be […]
    • by Shishir Dubey
    • 1 year ago
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  • Discover tab in the app gets a new card titled ‘Multiple Users Now Supported’

    Google Home App now Supports Multiple Users The news that Google Home App will support multiple users has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. In the recent update section of the app, we noticed the addition of the new feature. The Discover tab in the app included a new card titled “Multiple […]
    • by Shishir Dubey
    • 1 year ago
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  • Why Choose iOS Platform For Mobile App Development?

    This is why iOS is Right for You Either it’s a wearable device or new serious of iPhone, whatever project Apple executes, the world watches with eager eyes – hoping to know about the best and the latest technologies the moment it hits the market. Apple has revolutionized the way people interact with devices. Its […]
    • by admin
    • 2 Years ago
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  • A Closer Look at the New iOS 9 Enhanced Frameworks

    These are the iOS Enhanced Frameworks The world neither stays the same and nor does the iOS. We’ve witnessed several iOS updates in the recent times and the latest iOS 9 framework update promises a revolutionary change and enhancements as well. So, it is necessary for every mobile app developer to have an idea of […]
    • by admin
    • 3 Years ago
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  • How to Maintain Quality in iOS Mobile Apps Development?

    How to Develop Quality iOS Apps So many apps and yet such a limited number of downloads! The real problem lies in the quality of the apps not number. The user must find something really useful for them to buy the app, and you would not want them to waste their money on something they […]
    • by Nidhi Singh
    • 4 Years ago
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  • How iOS is an Emerging Platform For Gaming Apps?

    Planning to Launch your Gaming App? iOS is your best Choice There are almost 100 million gaming apps users in the U.S alone only. The gaming app industry is one of the most briskly growing sectors of the tech world. So for these apps to function properly on your mobile phone, equally wise and quick […]
    • by Nidhi Singh
    • 5 Years ago
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