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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Shopping Cart?

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  • 2 Years ago
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Shopping cart has been revolutionalized with the coming of apps, here’s how

Millennial and mobile are evolving the way we shop. As smartphone adoption rockets worldwide, retailers are investing in mobile applications to increase sales. The new mobile technologies have the potential to improve the online shopping experience.

For retailers, the stakes are high; a successful mobile application could bring new customers, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage. The right strategy can help retailers change the way they market and promote their products – eventually driving sales.

Millennial shoppers have reared new challenges for the traditional supermarket. While drawing stark contrasts with the forgoing generations, the millennial consumers have change the way of shopping in regard to how they shop, what they shop, where they shop and using mobile products to enhance the shopping experience. If you have a great and flawless mobile app for your store, then the following trends can help you drive more customers.

Virtual Couponing & Exclusive Deals are the Trends

Coupons and great deals are one of the immediate and effective ways to drive shoppers to the store. Many market players have their own coupon applications, and to allure more customers, they are linking their mobile shop with third-party mobile applications such as Cellfire that allow users to access hundreds of exclusive coupons and deals.

These days most of the stores are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to allure to flaunt their exclusive deals and coupons to their customers. These coupons can easily be shared over the social media, allowing retailers to reach both customers and their customers’ network.

Additionally, daily deal websites such as Living Social and Groupon encourage customers to make quick decisions regarding their product deals. Customers are likely to respond if the deal is offered for too long. Daily deals demand an immediate call-to-action from the users and hence is preferred by most of the retailers.

Mobile Apps Help in Better Consumer Marketing

Mobile applications generate a substantial amount of valuable data regarding shoppers’ decision-making process. Retailers can collect, analyze and interpret data to develop new in-store communication strategies. For example, a shopper who search access product information about a “vacuum cleaner” should be immediately sent an in-store coupon for the product, as well as relevant recommendations for other “vacuum cleaner” products.

Product marketing designed to connect with users in the app store is not a new concept. With mobile applications, retailers are sending information, offers, and recommendations to the shopper, which encourages cross-category promotion and impulse shopping.


Mobile Check-Out Technology

A great mobile store allows customers to search products, read the product description, add to cart, get relevant recommendations, apply a coupon (if any), and securely pay for the products. The checkout page of any store should be clean and simple. It shouldn’t perplex the customers; else they will switch to competitor’s app.

Now that you have a great app store. What’s next?

Handling Shopping Cart Abandonment

Even if your app is successful, you can base the issue of shopping cart abandonment. It occurs when a user adds products in the cart and visits checkout page but click away without making a purchase.

A recent research says that approximately two out of every three shopping carts are abandoned in the mobile app industry. Why do users open your app, spend the time to choose products, add them into the cart, and then abandon it? It might be because of:

  • The customers were distracted before placing the order.
  • Users were using your site to compare prices.
  • The customer wanted to check the shipping costs or the value of any voucher.
  • The customer never had any intention of buying products from your site.

What you can do to get these customers back. A report from Experian Cheetahmail says that, on average, follow up emails to the customers who abandon shopping carts resulted in greater transaction rates and revenue, per email, 20 times more than that generated by a standard marketing email. Follow up messages can really work for almost all type of retailers. Here’s how it can be done:

  1. Send first follow up mail within hours of the cart being abandoned, offering assistance to the customer in the purchasing process.
  2. Send second follow-up email within a few days, informing the customer that their items are still waiting in the cart for them. Provide a link within the email to ensure customers can easily resume the buying process at the point they left it.
  3. Send your third email after a week or two later, offering the customer an incentive to complete the purchasing process. If possible, offer a small discount on the items or a voucher to allure them.

This strategy is just an example. Experiment and explore what best can be done to get those customers back.

Optimizing Mobile Experiences for Shoppers

The critical way to building a long lasting relationship with shoppers lies in leveraging their demonstrative dependency on their mobile device and in responding to their behavior. Deliver value to each user independently by using some proven personalized approach.

To sum up, a mobile store is a key to future planning and preparation for retailers of all type. The app should be simple so that users can easily search, scroll, find, add, and shop items from your store. Provide more frequent, short-term promotional coupons to allure customers and increase sales. A successful app can double your revenue, so plan your strategy of developing, launching and marketing your app accordingly.

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