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How have mobile apps impacted the healthcare industry?

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 1 year ago
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If we look around us, our world has become restricted to mobile apps, with the most being used for shopping, entertainment, or chatting with our circle of friends. The one that has recently been influenced by the wave of mobility is the healthcare sector.

Earlier, we couldn’t have even imagined how mobile apps would be such a great help for this sector. We had to be dependent on the monotonous ways of taking the patient to the hospital and for their treatment. But now the scenario has changed. We can get an access to the medical facilities with just one click, thanks to Mobile Apps.

While this is just a basic support that mobile apps have offered to the sector, we have listed some of the others ways by which mobile apps have and continues to impact the healthcare industry:

  1. Better Care: With mobile apps, patients get the desired access to the required care without the need to be physically present in the hospital. The various features like video calling, messaging, etc. have been a great help for the patients who need immediate assistance without being present physically.
  2. Better Engagement: We understand the pain to stand in the long queues waiting for your turn or waiting for the doctor to come. These problems can easily be managed by using an appointment management app which will help the patients to get their preferable appointment along with reduction in the long waiting time. With instant attention and immediate assistance, the mobile apps make patient engagement a much better experience.
  3. Reduced Frauds: Mobile apps, along with the all the benefits, also gives you complete protection against the medical frauds that have been making their rounds in the industry. With complete transparency in the app – from the fees and patient medical history to the paid bills, the chances of fraud have lowered by manifold.
  4. Notifications: In our busy schedule we often forget the most important aspect – our health. Well, with mobile apps you have a constant companion that keeps reminding you for all your health concerning issues.

With mobile apps showering their benefits on all the sectors that we can imagine, the healthcare sector should also utilize the utmost benefits that they offer. It’s time you start managing all your emergencies with the right healthcare app.

Mohd Faizan is working as a Social Media Executive for ChromeInfotech, a company who is leading the mobile app development industry, globally. He fell in love with cricket at the age of 7, a gadget freak, who cannot survive a day without his laptop and phone. Gaming, music and traveling are his other interests.

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