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Mobile Apps have Changed the Online Fund Transfer

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 4 Years ago
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How Apps are Changing Fund Transfers

It would be a sin today to underestimate the mobile’s functionality and consider it only as a medium for communicating. Long gone are the days when a revolution called internet accompanies mobiles which provided them the ability of downloading, uploading, surfing the web and so on! We are even ahead of it now! Today is the age of mobile apps development wherein the whole experience is more targeted, focused, and friendly and end users oriented!

Consider two scenarios! You have to transfer the funds to your family who are in different states and a scenario wherein a group of friends go for a hangout and one of them pays for all and then receives an instant transfer from other friends there on!

Yup! You heard it correct. All this is now possible within seconds with the help of android and iPhone apps development.

There is a sudden emergence of thousands of mobile apps introduced by various banks and other money transfer portals that allow you to transfer money within seconds.

iPhone apps development – Mobile apps that allow instant transfer



Google Wallet

Google wallet rules out the hassles of carrying a credit card, instead you can use the goggle wallet for the same. You are just required to wave your Smartphone a little and the machine will automatically make the payment. Credit card information would easily be identified by the machine with the help of the linked Google account therein. Now, with the release of version 9.0 of Google wallet in the market there few new updates

– Transaction searches: Create a search bar on transaction screen that makes easy to find previous purchase via a few keywords.

– Maps widget: User can find and physically see on map when and where he made the last transaction on the map


 Apple’s Wallet

This is another revolutionary mobile app that was introduced by apple for iOS 6 and later. The application works by scanning the 2D barcode through which you can easily pay for movies, airlines and concerts for the compatible merchants! You can also use Apple Pay to make purchases, with your discover card or store credit cards, like Kohl’s Charge or JCPenney Credit Card and receive and redeem rewards using it.



PayPal is a system to send or receive money using only an email address. The app links to credit cards and/or bank accounts to make sending and receiving payments simple. PayPal is also helpful for online shopping; at many retailers you can pay online with PayPal, eliminating the need to search for your credit card. Beware selecting the ‘Goods and Services’ category when transferring money; if you do, a percentage fee will be taken out of the receiver’s payment.

venmo_main (2)



Users can make bank account or debit card transfers to other Venmo friends for free (credit card transfers cost the sender a 3 percent fee). Transactions between friends can then be posted to the app’s real-time Facebook-like newsfeed with personalized messages and comments if the user chooses.


Square Cash

With Square Cash service has eliminated transfer fees for debit card accounts. Square Cash is completely free with no hidden fees.There are two ways to send money. After attaching a debit card to your personal Square account since, credit cards are not accepted:

– Manually Draft Mail: You can manually draft an email message to the recipient with the dollar amount in the subject line (at least $1) and copycash@square.com

– Square Cash App: You can use the Square Cash mobile app to create the email attachment for you.

There are a lot more mobile apps that are a result of effective iPhone apps Development that aim to facilitate end users along with online businesses in instant fund transferring with little or no hassles!

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