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Does Mobile App Really Increases Retail Sales?

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Your mobile app can raise your sales chart sky-high, read on to know how

Some of the technology we got so excited about is not as useful as originally thought. Is the shine worn off of mobile commerce? Or, does it opens a whole new world of opportunities for retailers?

Retail sales via mobile commerce are going up consistently and are expected to climb up tremendously in the very near future. Mobile Apps are no longer use only to twiddle with when you need to hide from real life by burying your face in your smartphone. People of different age group uses mobile phones and tablets for pretty much everything today, including shopping. To keep up with the pace of the eCommerce world, it is no longer an optional tactic for retailers.

However, don’t be distracted with what others are doing. Before investing, know whether your new eCommerce app will increase sales.

Mobile E-commerce App Market Analysis

If you’re considering to build a mobile app for your eCommerce business, you may want to go through some of the latest statistics that helps you decide whether the app will make you money. The results may surprise you.

A recent survey by RetailMeNot says that 87 percent of retail marketers plan to invest more in mobile marketing in 2016. Only 10 percent of mobile shoppers use their favorite retail’s app once in a day or more.

Another survey by GPShopper over 1,100 American mobile shoppers says that 80 percent use a mobile shopping app each month and almost 60 percent use their favorite retailer’s mobile app at least weekly.

Consumers using retail applications on a daily basis might encourage you to build your own eCommerce mobile app. If you think you app is the one your consumers would actually download and use, then go for it.

Statista says that the worldwide mobile payment revenue was 450 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and is expected to exceed 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019.

How Can A Mobile App Boost Your Sales?

Many people across the world still prefer classical in-store shopping, however, times and approach have significantly changed for the newer, more connected generation. Millennials prefer online world over for shopping over the crowded local stores. App usage has overtaken the PC and mobile browser shopping.

Improving your customer’s shopping experience can eventually make your app successful. Here’re guidelines that help you make increase sales:

Go for a Simple App

People invariably opt for the more convenient option, regardless of the demographic. People don’t want to waste hours for searching their products – they just want to tap, swipe, and click.

Make sure that your app is pretty simple and makes the shopping process much faster and easier for your users. A perfectly developed is not convenient for the users but benefits your mobile shop with up-selling and cross-selling products in no time.

Offer Personalized Customer Experience

Most of the surveys say that mobile apps help retailers sell better. Instead of jumping from one tab to another tab on their PC, people like to quickly scroll, swipe, and tap. Additionally, using beacon technology, you can enhance in-store engagement.

Based on your user’s previous purchases, you can suggest items that they would like using predictive algorithms.

Guide & Allure your Customers

Before actually going to the store, a large percentage of customers prefer pre-shopping research online. Offer them complete product description and let them read the reviews to help them in their decision-making process to earn their trust.

Loyalty programs, coupons, exclusive deals, wishlists will help you boost sales and retain your customers. A great example is Starbucks. They have allured a great percentage of customers with their simple loyalty program.

Don’t Miss on Branding

We all know Zara. In 2013, they launched their first mobile app, and the climbed up steadily and increased their sales by almost 60 percent.

By focusing on mobile engagement, you can improve branding. A perfect, simple, and efficient app can help you to boost revenue growth, gain customer traction, and earn customer loyalty. Let your clients come back for more.

How to Use Mobile Apps to Drive Revenue?

There are some of the key ways that can help you get an extra boost using mobile applications:

  • use geo targeted push notification to boost loyalty by sending a special offer
  • use data collected through ad campaigns and geotracking to deliver just-in-time offers
  • automatically fill in users’ data such as address using GPS to make shopping more convenient for them
  • use mobile payment and speed out the checkout process
  • only offer relevant products
  • make sure that your app loads faster for better conversions

What This Means?

By increasing efficiency, mobile apps are helping retailers increase revenue significantly by increasing efficiency. Users can be narrowly targeted, instead of advertising to a broad spectrum. With push notification, users can be lured back in a while.

Let your customers explore different options and easily, quickly place orders directly from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets. From giant stores to small retail establishments, retailers are profiting largely by making products accessible and convenient to their customers.

In today’s world of “buying now”, developing a retail shop mobile application sooner than later can help keep you surpass your competitors, increase sales by up to 60 percent like Zara and boost your overall bottom line. A perfect, flawless app can even escalate your chances for repeat business.


Image source: allthingsd.com


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