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Mobile App Onboarding: 4 Must-Use Tips for UX Designers

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  • 2 Years ago
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This article gives 4 Must-Use Tips for the UX Designers

Everything that happens after a user launches your mobile application for the first time is downright imperative. The first-time user experience is responsible for defining the key app success metrics such as retention. A recent report says that an intuitive first-time user experience can boost the lifetime value of a user by up to 500%. While, overlooking onboarding UX might lead to half of the users abandoning your application. There’s no secret formula for an onboarding UX that is guaranteed to be spectacular. Designers need to experiment with different ideas and measure results to the critical first impression great. Here are some must-use tips for UX designers to efficiently onboard users without leaving them frustrated.

Tip #1: Guide Users, Don’t Overload Them

Offer precise guidance to your First-time users, don’t confuse them with overload information. Keep everything as simple as possible, start with your value proposition, and move on to basic features from there. Make sure that you are engaging your users with the onboarding UX, not boring them. Make the entire UX seamless and don’t forget to add a skip button to opt-out from onboarding experience at every point along the way. Make sure that your app opens the onboarding flow with a simple outline of your application’s value proposition and an option to opt-out anytime.

Tip #2: Show More, Use Less Text

Snapchat opens an onboarding flow by walking their users with their application’s features and functionalities while offering basic intrusion and letting users try the app by themselves. This is a perfect example of educating your users with app’s functionality while engaging them. Too much text during onboarding can be a big turnoff. When it comes to using an app, people don’t want to learn this way. Like Snapchat, go for “learn by doing” approach, instead of text. Interactive app experience allows users to engage with the app and completes the gestures they need to learn without being frustrated. Once, users are done with such onboarding UX, they even flow seamlessly into the application experience for deeper engagement.

Tip #3. Let Users Explore

If you have 10 awesome functionalities in your app, then don’t show all of them in onboarding. Apps like, Shigeru Miyamoto and Mario creators encourage users to explore their app. Onboarding existing features without letting users explore is like telling the punchline before the joke. So, allow users to discover functionalities at their own speed. Don’t highlighting everything at once.

Tip #4: Ask For Login Only If You Actually Need It

We all know registering takes time. Some applications, such as Uber, requires users to sign up to use the app. However, some of the applications don’t need any registration. So, if your app doesn’t actually require signup, then keep it optional (for personalization). If your app actually needs registration, then try to keep the form as simple as possible. Users are very impatient when it comes to signing up for an app. Let them get into your app as quickly as possible, so that they can start engaging and exploring it.

All UX designers know that they need to keep the onboarding as simple as possible. Other than aforementioned tips, users also need to provide onboarding contextually. Instead of interrupting users the moment they open the app, let them discover any newly added feature with a button. Educating your users about the app is crucial, but so is keeping their time and engaging them when accessing your app. whenever you set up onboarding, ask questions like how can you simplify it and do you actually need it here.

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