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Innovative Mobile Technologies That Will Help You Drive Consumers, Growth and Revenue in Real-Estate

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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Your Real Estate Company Needs an App

Online real estate has set new highs in terms of traffic in June 2015 as millions of consumers are flocking to sites like Realtor INC, Zillow and Move. This makes it evident that Real estate is perceivably being driven by massive mobile technology adoption; and at this point oftime it might not be wrong if we say – Real estate has become a heavy-tech-business.

If we look at the reports by Gartner and Clareity, the global investible real estate universe will expand substantially, leading to a huge expansion in opportunity, especially in emerging economies; and mobility is one intricate way to harness this impelling potential. But the major question which real estate is still blinded by is –

  • How to leverage mobility to maximize business profits?
  • What can be out-of-the box, innovative features that will act as key technology differentiators?
  • What Business Logic will take them ahead from their competitors in the wide market?

As an in-depth mobile technology consultant, we keep heavy monitoring on what it takes to have competitive advantage in the real estate market. Just embracing mobility is not enough, its quintessential that you make your offering solution highly useful for your consumers. The idea of this article is to help Real estate CIOs and decision makers understand what users expect in terms of mobile apps. Think about the customers in the context if an industry that is driven by independent status of agents, where trust and transparency is always seen to be in a deceptive. All these complicates the experience of a cohesive solution usage. It’s all about making your real estate offering “consumer-friendly!” Provide your clients with functionalities that is infallible, innovative and transparent.

If you are planning to “go mobile” with your brokerage firm, these are some “must-have” functionalities that will act as power plugs in gaining your consumer traction.

Virtual tours of a listing

Let’s assume a situation – you have created an app with multiple property listings for rent/ with provision of uploading/showing photos of the property. But, this might not be satisfactory when a customer wants to shortlist them. Photos don’t always portray the accurate picture of what and how the property looks like. Now what gives this a lift up is – Virtual Tour of the property. Your customers will be more excited to see a 360-degree virtual view of the place they are going for. This will help them better understand the property, its actual size, structure and surroundings. This makes decision easy and fast. Also, it inculcates trust of customers in the mobile application, as you are transparent showing them the exact property features.

Neighbourhood information

When customers go to look for property, one of the most important thing they look for is the neighbourhood. How it is, what are the living standards and cost of living. What are the other places in the vicinity? What is the maximum distance of the basic amenities like – shops, groceries, park etc. They also look for details about the distance from railways, airports and taxi stands. So, when all this information comes in an app along with property details, it’s a win situation for the customers. If the details provided are accurate, it has high possibility of customers accessing information through your app before going to look for.

Mortgage Calculator & Secure loans online

Mortgage Calculator has turned out to be the most looked features, for understanding the payment and repayments structure and schedule when buying a property. Integrating this feature into your app will be quite an innovative idea helping your customers understand the payment details side by side the property without looking at other apps. You can have a feature for loan application and eligibility status check that will act as another breakthrough. Customers can directly check their status and other criteria for a particular property.

Using QR Codes for Quick Image/Videos Display

This is one of the most trending feature, display via QR codes. You can get this integrated into your real estate app. Question is how? You can have a QR code scanner in your mobile app, where customers can quickly scan available QR codes on a property and see its complete panoramic view. Suppose, there is a bad weather and customer don’t want to come out of their cars, they can still quickly scan the QR code displayed on the property and check the interiors, rooms, space, dimensions, videos etc.

Don’t be “Generalised”, Be Exclusive – Real Estate is all about being “Matchless”

Customer expectations are growing with changing technology patterns. The Real Estate industry needs to avail the latest innovations that can not only attract customers but also save customers’ time and efforts to access information. First movers who will make the best use of latest innovations are more likely to get optimum competitive advantage. Providing your clients with “just a mobile app” is not what you should do, in fact your approach should be exclusive offerings. When every business is in cut throat competition, you can only supersede when you are “matchless”!

We have been working with leaders in Real Estate industry to deliver solutions that offers consumers the ease of finding the property listings they are looking for. Its rightly said that in real estate, you sell dreams and we help our clients serve best ones to their clients, with innovative features and unmatched functionality. We blend our expertise in mobile technology with your ideas to create applications that are not just incomparable but are there to create legends.

If you have an idea and want to see it transform to a rich, engaging and intuitive Mobile Application that will mesmerise the world – Let us know. We will be happy to be your technology partner in delivering excellence.

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