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How To Increase Android App Downloads & Revenue?

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  • 2 Years ago
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This article gives Ways to Increase Android App Downloads & Revenue

You have built what you believe to be a winning Android application. What’s next? Developing and publishing the app is not enough to make your app successful. The mobile app industry is flooded with apps similar to that of yours. Hence, to find success, you need to use the best tactics and channels to monetize your product to gain downloads and revenues. To stand out and to engage your target audience, you need to reach new revenue streams and make the most money possible from your Android app.

How Users Discover Applications In Play Store?

A report by Forrester says that 58 percent of Android users have come to know about the app they have downloaded by browsing and searching the store. This shows how important it is necessary to optimize your applications and increase its visibility to gain more downloads. Forty-one percent of Android users have downloaded an app because of friend or family recommendations. And 25 percent of users have downloaded the app from the top-rated and most popular section of the store.
Before going for app optimization, learn about the app store ranking factors to get started.

App Store Ranking Factors

A wide range of factors is used to determine the rank of an application in the app store. Some of the main factors are:

1. Rating & Reviews

We all know, the higher the rating and the more is the number of positive reviews, the better will be ranking. Rating and reviews have a big impact on ranking and hence, it is always advised to encourage users to rate your app. Positive reviews and better ratings also help potential users to make download decision.

2. App downloads

Another factor that plays a big role in deciding your rank in the app store is the number of downloads you get. Try to maintain a steady amount of app downloads for improving your ranking in the app store. The more the number of downloads you get, the higher will be your ranking.

3. Keyword Relevance

Research, choose, and add the right keywords to your title and application descriptions. It’s a good idea to go with popularly-used keywords, however, it will increase the number of competitors you have. Another good idea is to go with popular keyword combinations. Hotel Tonight amazingly adds a relevant keyword in its title, “Hotel Tonight – Last-Minute Deals on Great Hotels”.

4. Revenue

For paid apps and in-app purchases, the revenue you generate could also be responsible for deciding your app ranking. It has been analyzed that Google and Apple offer more visibility to an application if it is successfully bringing in higher revenue.

5. Country

It is possible that the performance of your app in one country or location can affect its ranking in any other country. To localize your application, have strings of the APK translated in multiple languages. It will eventually improve your app’s ranking in multiple locations.

6. Backlinks

In Play Store, quality backlinks could be another important ranking factor for applications. Optimize your app and try to include links to different relevant pages to improve your application’s ranking in the store.

7. Social Media

Android apps’ ranking is also affected by the popularity of the application on social media platforms. The number of shares and +1’s your app will get on Google+, the higher will be its ranking. However, it is not that important factor in determining the app’s ranking.

8. User Retention & App Usage

Many people forget that they have downloaded the app, and some of them even uninstall the app after a month or two. It affects app’s ranking. Hence, it is very necessary to keep your users engaged and encourage them to open your app whenever they need your type of services.

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