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  • How to Increase Your Mobile App Ranking?

How to Increase Your Mobile App Ranking?

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 5 Years ago
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Tips to Increase Your Mobile App Rankings

Finding a particular App is not difficult these days, but making your App easily searchable can be tricky. There are few steps , if followed correctly can make your App’s ranking high in APP store so that it can be found with one touch. So, let’s check out six steps which can make your App high in App store ranking:

  • Insert Key words in the name of your App

Keywords are always hints to what a person wants to see on screen So, it can happen that your App name doesn’t qualify any keyword so Add some keywords in the area where you will write the name of your App. For example “Ideal 926 “will not symbolize anything, but “Ideal 926 – Photo Editor, Enhancer “will give the clear Idea of the use of your App. Keep in mind always add relevant keywords to avoid rejection from Apple.

  • Keep the description short and sweet

Avoid writing long description as after 4-5 lines rest will be hidden under “more..” and no body touches “more..” to read ahead, so while writing the description limit it to 5 lines and these 5 lines should be the gist of what your App does. Make the content powerful and desirable.

  • Keep the flow of keywords natural in your description

Don’t force the keywords in the content make full sentences around the keywords like “login here through Gmail” is better than writing Gmail alone as App Store search engine will not recognize it, also it will give a feel of incompleteness. Try to be specific but a bit elaborated.

  • Attractive first screen or screen shot

first screenshot is what which will appear as a result of a search performed in app store, So make it attractive, informative and descriptive as from it the users will get to know about what your App is for and up to what level it will perform. Use slogans and pictures to make it attractive.

  • Prompt review alerts when users satisfactorily download and use the App

A good rating by users will always keep your App high in the list and hence in search results so always keep in mind to show appropriate alerts when users successfully and satisfactorily use your app.

  • Add single word keywords in keywords area

Up to 100 words can be added to search words in iTunes connect So, go for single words, it’s always better to write or add “Preschool” and “ Games “ as two words than “Preschool Games” together.

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