How to Build a Secure AWS Environment?

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Steps to Develop a Secure AWS Environment

Do you constantly follow news related to technology?

If so, then you would definitely know about the breach of security in Code Spaces which resulted in a shutdown of all their operations. Trades were also stopped due to the breach of security.

In a letter issued by Code Spaces to their customers, they have clearly explained how the hackers gained access to the console of AWS.

In all likelihood, the main account with full authorization or an account with at least allowances to delete volumes of EBS was hacked. Screenshots and S3 data were also compromised. The accounts were hacked because there was no two factor authentication.

This may happen to you as well. So, how can you ensure a secure AWS environment?

The way to do this is through some reboots. You should thus refresh your security parameters.

The list below might not comprise every safety measure. So, if you have any worries about their security protocols, you must run an audit on their full security.

Besides, the solutions might only be apt for the cloud infrastructure and might not be compatible for the security of your apps. That is not our subject of matter here!

So, let us get to the things you can do!

Things to Do to Build a Secure AWS Environment

  • – Two Factor Authentication Is a Must

Enable the authentication of two factor and change the password of your root account. All the API keys associated with the root account must be revoked; the data related to the account must be secured somewhere safe; and it must not be shared with anyone at any cost. You could provide an administrator’s account.

  • – Define Your Own Privacy Principles

You need to follow privacy principles, even for the lowest privileges. You must create policies of IAM which will monitor what users can do as well as when and where they can do it!

For IAM roles, you could follow the same principle which will lessen the risk of vulnerability in situations when an instance will be compromised.

  • – Give Restricted Permissions

To be precise, the permission for users to erase screenshots, S3 objects and volumes must be limited. This is because, once this data is lost, it is next to impossible to retrieve the data. You could use an IAM simulator to validate your IAM policies.

  • – Give Account Access only After Giving It a Thought

All the users might require access and you will have to give them IAM accounts.

However, do not provide them with API keys if they only need consolidated access. A two factor authentication is also a must here.

Also, do not provide accounts that are shared for a group of people. If they use such an account, then accountability will be totally lost.

  • – Have Secure Passwords

You must make your passwords more complex and you must fix the password length to at least 12 characters.

  • – Do Not Text the Credentials

Never send a clear text email to the recipient while handing over your credentials. Emails can be hacked by anyone if someone is determined to do so. Do not email texts that contain clear credentials!

  • – Monitor the API Keys

Rotate the set of API keys the moment you doubt that they have been compromised!

  • – Enable Cloud Trail

Enable cloud trail if it is accessible in your region. This might not be a mainstream safety measure and may not stop hacks. However, it will allow you to gather information about who would be doing it. This will enable you to take measures to prevent it from happening!

  • – Say Yes to Auditing

Regular auditing is mandatory while you try to protect your environment. Your job is not over here and you must have someone who manages the everyday activities of your cloud environment.

Security matters the most so take time and ensure that you have secured your cloud. You would not want to go out of business due to security issues!

So, how do you plan to secure your AWS environment? Have you implemented any of the aforementioned tips already? Do you have another point to add here? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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