How the Agile Methodology Can Benefit Startups?

  • by Shah Faisal
  • 3 Years ago
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Here’s what Agile Methodology can do to Your Startup

Do you run or are you part of a startup?

If yes, then you will agree that we are living in an era where you need to establish and roll out your ideas much faster than ever before to stay ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days when we had to establish standard procedures and product development methodologies to ensure that deliveries are met on time.

Also, as per the agreements with the customers whereby the typical models of software development processes, based on waterfall, spiral, and others, were evolved.

This typically took time and had a well-defined way of working before the ideas could be conceptualized. And, presently, this is more prevalent in startups than in large-sized businesses.

So, as agility in startups becomes an implicit demand, it is evident that you have to adopt a model that helps you fit into this present ecosystem. Agile is one such model.

But, how does it help you? Can it accelerate the delivery process? Can it improve the customer satisfaction level?

We will answer these questions in this article as we go into more details on how the agile methodology helps startups.

Agile Is Result Oriented and So Too Are Startups

First and foremost, the bigger the investments are in things around the business, the more time will be spent in ensuring the operations of the company.

This would eventually mean that all the functions of the organization stays focused on the business goals. Yet startups are always fighting with time and preparing the ground for the next big thing.

They have to stay focused on their goals with leaner investments and resources. The agile methodology also preaches that waste should be shed in terms of processes and documentation and stays focused on the goal.

So, by adopting the agile methodology, a startup can steer its goals in a proper direction while keeping its investments focused on its single business goal.

This ensures that it gets the services or products delivered with minimal resources and minimal documentation.

Agile Helps Startups Adapt to Market Dynamics

All is well when the market is stable and the requirements are well defined and baselined over a period of time, at least until the deadline.

However, things become more difficult when the customer’s requirements change over time in a drastic manner, leaving the business to resort to a much faster way to adapt to such an environment.

Agile is best suited for this because it focuses on changing the dynamics by choosing the sprint and backlog as per the needs of the customer at the moment.

This is suitable for startup companies as they can mobilize the resources as per the sprints rather than recruiting a big mass of resources to complete the delivery.

Agile Preaches Teamwork Needed by Startups

In startups, where resources are fewer, working as a team becomes of the utmost importance. As the resources are minimal in a startup, the team members are meant to work closely together to achieve the product delivery.

They are also bound to take rotating responsibilities to achieve the end goal of the company. Agile preaches teamwork through regular scrum and pair programming techniques that bind the members of a team to work together to resolve their hurdles.

As teamwork is a core principle of agile, it benefits startups to a larger extent.

Startups Require Users’ Feedback Which Is Built into Agile

Agile projects are incrementally done, with each sprint being delivered to the user and with the next sprint being chosen based on the feedback of the user.

The priority of the backlog and the user’s stories of the sprint are chosen based on the user feedback and the team’s resources in the agile methodology.

Startups require constant user feedback to ensure that their products are of a high quality and to ensure the customers’ satisfaction. This helps startups prepare their product to suit the needs of the market.

Choosing agile can benefit startups because it is aligned with their feedback model of developing a product and defining priorities based on the customer’s feedback.

Agile Values Every Team Member’s Input as in Startups

In startups, every team member’s input or contribution is much needed to steer the product in a creative and innovative manner. It requires every member to speak and contribute to the product design and development.

This empowers the team to define the product content and its execution. The agile methodology is much the same as it brings in the input from every team member to contribute via the scrum process.

It also empowers the team and ensures that the sprint is chosen by the team and the backlogs are prioritized.

Adapting to the agile methodology by startups is of much benefit here, as the team is closely knit to the company and every team member is valued in order for the company to achieve its business goals and targets.

So, the next time you plan to develop an application, be it mobile app development, Drupal development or any other application, do not forget to adopt the agile methodology.

However, it is advisable to take help from an agile consultant who has relevant experience in using agile in your domain.

For example, for iOS app development, you should look for a consultant who has developed such apps using agile and not someone who only has such experience in Android app development.

So, when do you plan to embrace agile or you did already? Do you have any questions or points to add here?

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