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  • How can small businesses benefit from mobility?

How can small businesses benefit from mobility?

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  • 2 Years ago
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Mobility Can Transform your Small Business

Recent years have shown a stupendous growth in the business domain. Convergence and business convenience powered by IT are two key factors which have made possible the term ‘global’. While IT is facilitating the growth of business, it is also opening up new possibilities for the small and medium enterprises. We are sharing key advantages of mobility that are beneficial for small businesses.

Reach out to your target audience

When you create a website for your business, you only ensure your digital presence. It is neither a passport to success nor a full proof way to reach out to your customers. As a business owner, you need to understand the aptitude of your potential customers who are moving away from the computer and increasingly using mobiles. Mobile-centric omnichannel approach supported by a mobile app will increase your chances of attracting more customers than you would have by focusing on the PC users alone.



Enjoy 24 x 7 connectivity
Targeting the mobile users offers wide expansion to your business. Thanks to always on connectivity, all updates, news and information about your products and services are more accessible to your customers in an easily consumable medium. No matter how complex services you might be offering, the users can still avail your services at the touch of fingertips, thanks to combination of powerful configuration and great apps offered in a smartphone nowadays.
Derive maximum out of your marketing activities
Businesses empowered by mobile app solutions catering to Android and iOS users both offer maximum returns on your marketing expenses. Geo-tagging, streamlining information in form of RSS feed, social media integration and a peak into the users’ mind provides the business users with better options to customize their campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Focused campaigns increase loyalty and also offer a great medium to engage the customers as well.



Unleash the power of native apps
Often, small business owners have this incorrect notion that merely creating a responsive website is sufficient to attract the customers. Native apps are designed to offer complete information about the usage pattern, favorite sections visited by a user and amount of time one spends on a particular link. Analysis of user pattern can significantly help the business owners devise a more effective strategy to attract new customers.
Get the backing of stats
According to one statistics Portal, Statista.com, mobile commerce revenue in US was USD 14.8 which will increase to USD 31.0 7 billion. In spite of the huge potential of growth for the SMEs the willingness to create an app to support the business is missing. According to Endurance International Group, nearly 80% of the small business owners don’t have their mobile app to support their business.
To match the pace of growth driven by IT, it is imperative to look for mobile app development solutions. For small businesses, it will be the best investment to yield better returns. Considering the five point benefits mentioned above, it does make sense for small enterprises to invest in Android and iphone application development.


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