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This Holiday Season, give your app sales an exponential push

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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The Holiday Season is here! Grow your App’s Revenue, now!

Hark all merchants, as ‘tis the season to be aggressively hawking your wares!

As retailers gear up for the Christmas season, they need to realize that mobile commerce is where the real money is. Why, in 2016, more people shopped online than offline during the festive season!

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, an incredible 25% growth in digital sales is expected this year. So I’d take a wild guess to say that today, even Santa might get his sack of goodies from the handy Amazon or Group On app! So the digital retail future is here to stay, & mobile apps will be the torch-bearer.



But is your app ready for the holiday rush?

In order to ensure that your e-commerce app is ahead of the bend, here are the steps you should take:


Step 1: Plan ahead – for a very merry (successful) Christmas

Every app needs to have festive offers in December. But you could start the in-app offers in November, and sustain the x’mas buzz! And you could even have it spill over into January for New Year’s. Don’t be a Grinch about it!

Based on a study by Dynatrace, even half second difference in load time can make a 10% difference in sales! This is huge! It could almost be the single biggest factor that prevents you from reaching your sales targets.

  • To prevent such a sales drop it would help to first pull out stats from the previous years that outline the volumes of shoppers on your app
  • Then based on these stats, get the back-end team to plan how to prevent sluggish app performance, by stress testing(performance testing) it & identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Solve these issues to make your app, festive-season ready – to manage the rush & prevent your app from crashing!


Step 2: Stuff that app stocking with Contextual Content

Research and understand the LTV (lifetime value) of customers & incentivize their behavior on the app. Maybe you could even upsell something else to them.

For instance, your shopper might want to buy a dress for his wife on the app, but you could also suggest a pair of diamond earrings to go with it! People will lap it right up, it’s the season of giving, after all!

Leverage smartphone technologies such as, GPS, geolocation, camera, and geofencing, to interact with shoppers like never before. Retailers could push messages to customers, based on their location revealed by their smartphone’s GPS.

Give your entire app a warm-fuzzy feel, synonymous with Christmas. Right from the in-app messaging to push notifications. Of course, the intent is not to over-do the festivities but handle it tastefully.

Push maximum messaging, on the in-app deals, around the festive season.


Step 3: Spread the cheer with Instinctive shopping experience

Ensure accurate in-app product data & hi-res images, to aid shoppers in making an informed decision; while helping retailers to actually fulfill orders on time.

It would be helpful to have a live chat option in your app, especially when the festive sales get really wild. This way your customers, don’t have to wait in queue for getting their queries answered by customer care representatives.

Guarantee order fulfillment at 100% to give customers a unique experience in exchange for shopping with your brand. For instance, Amazon had won over Christmas last year, having acquired over 3 million new Prime members – with the promise of expedited delivery & special offers.


Step 4: Smooth & intuitive checkout

Over 40% of online sales are lost due to friction during the checkout process. If we allow this to continue to happen, then truly “God bless us, everyone!” With such staggering statistics, it would only make sense to follow design & coding principles that increase ease of checkout in your app.

Make sure that regular A/B testing is conducted to improve check-out page performance

Especially in times of rush, as it always the case during the festive season, it helps to have your own payment gateway. This way as a retailer you have complete control over payments. For instance Apple pay, is a proprietary payment gateway of Apple – which allows iPhone users to make several payments conveniently.


Step 5: Deep linking for more app visits

Drive traffic to specific pages in your app with deep linking. Every customer touch point must link back to your app. From promotional mails, social media posts to website content, everything should redirect customers to app pages. If someone were to click on the ‘account link’ in the festive promotional emails sent out by Starbucks, they are taken to the account settings in the app. In this way, Starbucks uses deep links to bring the user directly to a specific page.

Google targeting is crucial as it’s the place most people go to first when looking for a gift. Ensure that you seed contextual gifting guides across the well-known blogs and news-sites so that your app is SEO optimized.


Step 6: Link the physical presence to app presence: Omni-channel experience­

It’s important to have a unified digital and physical customer experience.

From sale features to products & festive campaign messaging, you need to maintain connect between physical and in-app features.

It would help to have added offers/features in the app. This will incentive visits on the app. For instance, the Ali Express app has the greater discounts for in-app purchases than on the website. All you need to do is download the app & scan the QR code on the webpage with it. You are then taken to the app page of the product with special offers.


Step 7: Give us a shout-out

This step is the easiest of them all.

Just skip reading this entire article, and write into us at info@chromeinfotech.com. We will take care of your app idea – from creation to fruition!

Go on, get in touch with us & we could grab an egg-nog together!

It’s almost time for the big Black Friday sale. Before the rush beings, start making your app the most technologically advanced.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry App selling!


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