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  • Google set to notch temperature up with Android 5.1.1 update

Google set to notch temperature up with Android 5.1.1 update

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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Google’s Latest Update – Android 5.11

After Apple Watch attracting the limelight this season, Google is ready for the wristwear faceoff. Its Android 5.1.1 update for smart watches has come on time. Google had already released the update for one of leading smart watches brand LG and Moto seems to be the next brand to get the update. Coming month will see the update for other smartwatches players like Samsung, Huawei, Asus and Sony.

Expected features

Some of the expected updates will include better control with gesture maneuverability, Wi-Fi support and provision to use Emoji. Wi-Fi support (for wristwears with supporting hardware of Snapdragon processor and Wi-Fi antenna) will enable easy connectivity of the smart watch with any smartphones running on OS of Android 4.3 and later versions. It is also expected to offer better user interface and smart notifications.

Feature To turn the heat on its arch rival

Although the latest wristwear update of 5.1.1 is projected to consist of routine updates, its security feature may offer easy tracing of wearer’s smartphone. Users can lock smartwatch by drawing a pattern and in case of a watch theft, they can wipe off data remotely. Smart watch users will love to see Google’s synchronization with its proprietary feature like Google Now and Google Knowledge Graph.

Prospect of a winning feature

Google is not likely to come up with an astonishing feature but it may surprise users with smart transaction feature in its forthcoming update. Samsung, in its flagship mobile Galaxy S6 and Edge has offered solution for Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) allowing the users to pay at most of PoS in US. Smart watches users may expect the same functionality with their android supported wristwear, subject to hardware support from the smartwatch brands.

Common update

The greatest advantage of Android Wear will be centralized update for the Android users who have to look for update from respective brands. Centralized update will solve the agony of wait and confusion. Firmware support and hardware specifications outline for the smart watches will offer opportunity for the app developers to manipulate on simple and secure coding. It opens new avenues for leading android-based app developers to build relevant apps that serve small business owners efficiently.

Expected updates in a nutshell are:

  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Emoji and Gesture control
  • Enhanced power and storage management
  • Smarter navigation
  • More responsive screen with easily customizable brightness
  • Quick contact feature
  • More accurate voice commands

What is in store for users?

With release of android 5.1.1, ChromeInfotech sees a surge of wristwear based apps. Knowledge of smartphone technology, smart watches and the brand heritage along with proper understanding of app users’ needs will be crucial in determining truly amazing app from the rest. For example small business users or retailers or restaurateurs in US can benefit from app that features excellent integration of smartphone and wristwear for better planning and management of their everyday business.

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