Google I/O Highlights 2015

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All About Google I/O 2015

In the most talked about kick-ups Google I/O 2015 focus remained largely on Operating System and its cross platform functionalities. From Google Photos to Google Now it provided the participants with decent knowledge of thoughtful refinements which reflects upon its consistent excellence in the offing. While the major sharing by Google focused around rendering better experience to the users, Google also proposed launch of Cloud Test Lab for developers.

NoT is Hot

Get ready to receive relevant information based on your location, need and usage, all thanks to Google’s Now on Tap (NoT) technology. It aspires to offer you useful information amidst your in-app/email or web search activity with a touch on home button. It provides the users with proactive ways to access contextual info. Even in the areas with poor net connectivity, Google will be able to offer better services. With its integration of Google Maps, Chrome and users review you’ll get the help even in offline mode which is very impressive.


Google Photos: From Woes to Wows

Although Photos feature was in place with Google+, new update allows you to upload photos using apps or Google’s other online platforms. Google allows users to upload, archive and access photos using Google drive. Thanks to intelligent parsing all your photos can be archived using time and location tagging in different formats based albums easily. It helps in faster search and easy retrieval which can be extremely frustrating otherwise. Whopping storage of up to 15 GB for your photos and videos with an option to take the physical backup of your uploaded photos are things to cheer about.

The Apple Ripple

Introduction of Android Pay, a payment method using Android device seemed to be in line with its rival’s Apple Pay we had discussed in recent post. In its Android Wear update, the May 29th event highlighted improvisation in UI. Improved movement gesture lets the user scroll through the notification screen. Wi-Fi support and Emoji are some of obvious influences of Apple Watch.

Android M

Android M will be an upgraded version of Android L announced last year. It will synergize resources to offer users unified experience across all channels and platforms. ChromeInfoTech perceives it as a sensible update that will benefit more than 1billion Android users. Instead of enjoying permission to access camera, location and microphone by default, apps will now get the access only when you approve. Google will add in-app Chrome browser and intra-apps link browsing. Feature of dozing and provision of C-USB cable will optimize power consumption and facilitate fast recharging.

A peak into augmented reality

Google’s VR system will interest you to step in the world of simulative games and advanced learning. Self made cardboard or one recommended by Google, a pair of lenses of 45mm focal length, a smartphone and revised version of cardboard are all you need to enjoy amazing videos, games, insights and view of things. Expanding its horizon Google has made its SDK available for iOS to include app for iPhone as well.

Other important updates

Google furthered its foray into future with its proposed Brillo OS supporting devices with basic hardware support, ease of access, security and affordability. It can be a gift for developing countries where is limited use of internet. Google also facilitated the developers with access to wide range of SDKs through CocoaPods.

ChromeInfoTech sees it as a welcome move to nurture innovation in app development. Launch of Cloud Test Lab will give the developers a better idea of app performance on 20 odd devices by providing crash reports. Additionally, inclusion of more AdMob tools to measure engagement and smart Play Store search will eventually help the end users.

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