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A Glimpse Of Latest Android App Development Trends

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  • 2 Years ago
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Android App

Android app development process is on a move, be updated on the latest happenings here

Being at the epicenter of the technology boom, the mobile industry is experiencing significant growth in applications and connected things. Mobile apps have changed the way users used to interact with mobile devices and technologies.

Google has gone the extra mile to combat fragmentation and allure more developers and businesses on board. What facets will be shaping the Android mobile app development trends in the near future? Let’s look deeper into specific trends to find out!

Trend #1. Improved Security

In the near future, consumers won’t need more mobile apps than they already have. Instead, they expect that the existing apps simplify their everyday lives and protect data.

It has been estimated that by 2017, 50 percent of all online transactions will be made with mobile applications; nobody wants a mobile app to leak your credit card details and security code, right?

Android is not preferred by enterprises because of poor encryption standards (even on top selling expensive devices) and easy publishing Because of easy publishing malicious applications enter Google Play without much difficulty. Google has tried to solve the problem in 2015 by introducing container security solutions for Android mobile app development – available for all OSes starting from Lollipop. Using this, users can create a distinct workspace for specific business applications and protect their crucial data. It might help Android to be adopted by more enterprises throughout 2016 and coming years.

Trend #2. Faster Mobile App Development

It is difficult for vendors to keep up with the growing demand for applications. The introduction of “citizen developer” by IT tycoons plan to solve the problem and this is where the mobile application rapid development trends come from. The vendors enhance cloud-based platforms for development with drag-and-drop options while taking the low code strategy. Easy publishing makes Android the best choice for amateur coders.

Trend #3. Payment Services

It has been estimated that smartphone payments will cross $ 118 billion globally by 2018. With Google Wallet and Android Pay, Google has also contributed to m-commerce. Google has partnered with Braintree, CyberSource, and other widely accepted payment processors to support the service integration with third-party applications.

In this year, notable applications like Groupon, Open Table, and Domino’s will be launched with the “Buy with Android Pay” button.

Trend #4. Augmented Reality

The augmented and virtual reality investments worldwide have crosses $ 1 billion during the first quarter of 2016. Augmented reality games like Pokémon GO have mixes real-world elements with the game or app.

Android is an easy to go option for AR developers – mainly because it offers ready-to-use APIs, the Surface Holder function, and graphic frameworks.

Trend #5. Internet of Things (IoT)

Researchers believe that there will be around 50 billion connected devices across the globe by 2020. That is approximately 6 connections for every living person on Earth. The connected devices have trekked from mobile devices to wearables, sensible security systems smart refrigerators, and even specific door locks.

For every connected device, a mobile application is required to power it. In coming years, developers and android app development firms will be tasked to create critical link to remodel IoT into marketable products.

Trend #6. Wearable Applications

For several years, wearable applications were mostly crafted for the healthcare industry. In 2016 and coming years, we may see a shift towards wearable solutions, since more organizations plan to use smart gadgets to enhance productivity.

Google follows latest User Experience trends and have software development guidelines, so Android Wear will gain traction among those vendors who focus on wearable applications. However, fragmentation is still an issue.

Trend #7. Increased Focus on UX

User experience should also be given priority to make successful applications. With so many apps being launched every day, the expectations and standards for user experience have increased. iOS mobile apps focus more on UX in comparison to the Android apps. Android developers will also focus on improving the user experience to allure enterprises and users.

What the Future Holds

Android app development industry is thriving and constantly evolving year after year. Look for these trends to dominate the mobile landscape as the time progresses.

With this focus on mobile, it’s no surprise that the users are looking for increasingly interesting designs and concept with improved user experience. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends of Android mobile app development can help developers build successful applications for businesses and enterprises. No doubt, coming years will be revealing groundbreaking app solutions for Android platform.

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