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Are you ready to Invent a Faster and More Efficient Transport & Supply Value Chain?

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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Make your Transport and Supply Value Chain more Efficient

Technology has always been the running engine for transportation and logistics industry, for productivity and improvised workforce solutions. Today every company is looking to sought out ways to increase the speed of transport, network visibility, supply chain management etc. It’s a digital age and to be in the charts, transport and logistics companies, as well as shipping and receiving services firms, must offer a range of innovative services including real-time package tracking online and mobile with proactive notifications, transit, trans-shipment and inventory managed by the provider.

To provide unique access to all of these data types and services, your IT environment must be able to integrate multiple geographic locations, to connect to your customers and your partners with different mobility infrastructure and cover various collaborative nodes. To improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency in all of your multimodal transportation network, you must have visibility from end to end and exchange processes and integration of reliable data with a single backend control system.

How to go Digital

The idea of this article is to help transportation companies understand the impact of mobility and digital workspace to redefine their business strategies, making better connect with their customers in today’s global market. Here we have listed out some key ideas that can help businesses achieve their objectives.

Integrate your applications and data streams to your community of customers and partners     

  • Create a centralized integration service, scalable and flexible to your internal and external business partners
  • Have information on automated transactions for application integration
  • Accelerate problem resolution, meet the level agreements (SLAs) and improve customer satisfaction through real-time visibility

Provide Web services, and secure mobile cloud

  • Offer your customers and your partners access to self-service features on mobile and Internet
  • Allow your employees to access mobile and online for internal applications (trouble ticket, a service technician and / or tracking and tracing systems)
  • Integrate systems on site, such as customer support, thanks to cloud applications.
  • Distribute API allowing third parties to offer added value to customers, partners and the general public

Offer online tracking services with features of search and retrieval in real time

  • Enable customers, partners and employees to know the status and current location of parcels and shipments in real time
  • Reconcile transactional data circulating within your multimodal transportation network
  • Comply with international traceability regulations

Accelerate the integration of customers and partners   

  • Reduce time to value by automating time-consuming and manual process of integration
  • Offer several approaches to connectivity and collaboration to remain competitive on the world market
  • Benefit from complete control and visibility of your tightly integrated partner community
  • Provide self-service features that reduce partner management costs and unload IT
  • Managing and Deploying communities

Automate, manage, monitor and secure all file stream, on premise and in the cloud, with access on mobile devices               

  • Preventing data breaches and process interruptions
  • Reduce costs by consolidating customer file streams and partners in a shared service for easy integration
  • Offer a secure and controlled alternative to file sharing consumer solutions in the Cloud
  • Ensure rapid transmission of big data to the target systems

Benefit of a unified real-time view of your customers and your deliveries           

  • Proactively identify issues (including blocked orders and customer orders at risk of missing the delivery deadlines) and resolve them before they impact SLAs
  • Develop and launch new services quickly to acquire new customers and market share
  • Reduce costs by limiting non-major deliveries on the same day or next business day
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