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Everything You Need To Know About Flat Mobile App Designs

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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All About Flat Mobile App Designs

Mobile interfaces have seen many upticks in mobile user interfaces. There was a time when mobile app designer company and web app designers used to particularly focus on packing applications and sites with animations and flashy illustrations (although a new level of animation is still used in designing). After flashy illustrations, the skeuomorphic design came in trend. It attempted to bring real life to the screen with drop shadows, faux-realistic and real object characteristics. Although skeuomorphic designs are great, the user interface has come a long way from it.

Flat designs have given a new face to the mobile app designs. Avoiding artificial design techniques, flat design completely focuses on more simplified and more classical digital aesthetic are just a few techniques that the sound mobile app development companies are using now-a-days.

Flat Mobile App Designs

Overview of Flat Design

While removing complicated textures, shadows, patterns, gradients, bubbles, and other flashy effects, the flat design is a minimalistic design approach that focuses on simplicity. The flat design has been around for a while but came in the limelight from the Microsoft mobile platform and Microsoft Windows 8.

In mobile applications, Flat UI has augmented simplicity with a bit of cultural class while featuring clean, bright colors, crisp edges, open space, and two-dimensional/flat illustrations. To sum up, some common conventions of flat design include:

  • Perfect use of grid systems
  • Define proper bright colors
  • Use of iconography
  • Big blocks of color
  • Activated and integrated Negative space
  • Use of typography
  • Clear, large accessible items
  • No complicated textures and patterns


Flat Design is Endlessly Adaptable

One thing that will never go out of style in mobile designing is simplicity. Designing your mobile application with flat design will help to align your concept with a classic and enduring aesthetic. Utilizing flat style in your application offers tons of benefits including aesthetics, fewer assets in general, and easier theming of interfaces.

Quick to Grasp

Simple applications and images convey messages more clearly and quickly. Flat design uses icon icons that can easily be understood by the users as solid color blocks and large icons can quickly be perceived.


How to Utilize Flat Design

To design a flat mobile app, all design elements must be focused on the concept of simplicity. While utilizing flat design, emphasize on:

  • Use of solid and vivid colors to limelight the facets to separate them in place of illustrative detail.
  • Use of sans serif typography to offer a clean, crisp supplement to illustrations.
  • Use of concise and to-the-point text to send a clear message.
  • Use of UI elements like a clearer and noticeable buttons and links.


Every aspect of a mobile app should be designed with the same goal “creating a cohesive visual and functional mobile design”. Below are some great examples of flat design…

TripAdvisor: This trip planning app design is pretty easy to book a flight based on packages and budgets. Every feature of the app is clear and understandable, and the whole design relies on solid colors and icons – giving clear message and meaning.

Trip Advisor App


Sony Weather App: This weather app user interface design proves that flat design can easily be successful without using bright colors. The large typography and crisp iconography limelight the most important features of the weather. This is what users look out for.

Sony Weather App


The utilization of a flat design in your mobile application can de-clutter your message and draw attention to the goals of your app. It personifies the true intent of UI – offering a compelling aesthetic that is intuitive, simple and emphasizes your content – making it a preferred choice for users.


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