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Enterprise Mobile Apps – What Does the Future Hold?

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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The Future of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The past few years have brought a paradigm shift in the mobile phone industry with exciting developments in mobile applications, changing the way people interact with each other and with their businesses. In this turbulent and rapidly growing technological environment, almost every aspect of our life is deeply and necessarily interlocked with technology.

Enterprise mobile apps have become an integral part of most organizations these days. With the rapid development in mobile technologies and a BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” culture becoming increasingly popular, enterprise app development is becoming even more important.

As organizations continue to embrace BYOD, cloud or SaaS, and other such technologies, enterprise apps are quickly becoming the center of almost every critical business operation – from a simple act of taking notes to project management, work collaboration, and data storage.

Enterprise mobile apps offer a flexible means of sparking workplace productivity and effectively facilitate collaboration, innovation, and value addition in a business.

A recent report by Salesforce suggests that enterprise mobile apps can increase employee productivity by up to 34%, which is one of the many reasons why enterprise mobility is predicted to grow to $285 billion by 2019.

Let’s take a look at some emerging trends to see what the future holds for enterprise mobile apps.

In-house Enterprise App Store                               

With this surge in mobility, the first thing that should be considered as priority is to find a way to secure corporate data within the apps that employees are using for work purposes.

A very viable way of doing that is to invest in an in-house app store, much like Apple’s iTunes or Android’s Google Play to keep such apps contained in a secure environment, minimizing the imminent threat to enterprise-critical data to a significant extent.

In-house app stores are most likely to be a common thing in the near future, as more and more enterprises are coming to realize the risk of their corporate data being compromised. 

Application Virtualization Is the Future

Considering the variations in performance, security, personalization, and mobility requirements, enterprise mobile apps can benefit significantly through virtualization.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that application virtualization is potentially one of the best and most secure ways to facilitate BYOD trends in workplaces. This allows IT system administrators to secure not just the application, but also network access and the servers that host these applications, while giving everyone access to more computing power than their smartphone or device.


HTML5 Wins Over Native

HTML5 Wins Over Native

With virtualization in mind, mobile app development strategies need to be reconsidered carefully, while staying focused on the goal of meeting the new demands of mobile workers.

While organizations today still opt for native apps, small and medium enterprises are likely to adopt HTML5 apps because of their cost-effectiveness and better compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

Being able to run across any platform, HTML5 apps save a lot of time and effort, making them a better option over native apps that cost a lot more in terms of time and money.

More Than One App per Enterprise

Keeping in view the pace with which enterprise mobility has been moving forward in the last few years; most enterprises will have to utilize multiple applications for specific functions rather than one, do-it-all app.

From sales to operations, and employee training to internal communications and human resources, organizations will keep separate, purpose-built applications for each department and function to cope with their complexities.

App Creation Will Become a Piece of Cake

While mobile app development for enterprises requires specific expertise and skill sets, that is changing now with app development becoming increasingly easier.

While organizations need to hire teams of highly skilled developers at this stage, Gartner predicts, more than half of business-to-employee (B2E) apps will be written by enterprise business analysts using codeless app development tools by 2018.

However, it isn’t that easy as it sounds so we really cannot ignore the significance of having an experienced mobile app development agency here.

Big Data

When it comes to data, tomorrow’s enterprise mobile apps will be smarter at collecting, processing, analyzing, and managing big data.

Living in a time when data is key to identifying patterns, behaviors, and predicting the future, organizations will have to work harder to establish a seamlessly integrated system that collects and collates data from all systems, including mobile apps, to extract more accurate and actionable business intelligence.

This ability to handle such large amounts of data is paramount to an organization’s success, and with enterprise mobility on the rise, this is becoming increasingly important.

As technology evolves, enterprises need to move forward just as rapidly or fall far behind the smaller organizations that adapt to changes better. The enterprise mobile app industry is changing, and it is changing fast.

So is your organization looking into HTML5 and cloud-based application models? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading.


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