Buzz Of Android L In the Market !

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Android L is all Set to Rule the Market

While iOS occupied its own important space in the market, Android was winning hearts of many people. The reason of its popularity was its openness and flexibility. These made the users comfortable to do many things easily. With the restricted use of iOS, Android continuously gained its popularity and is coming installed in all the latest phones nowadays. The developers of Android L claim it to be a very big revolution as its new version has over 5000 new APIs. This thing is for sure that with this you will be having a seamless experience with the software.

What makes Android L Different?

With the news of release of Android L, there has been a rush among the developers to release their latest handset with newest version of Android. The best thing about Android L is that the developers have completely changed the way it looks. So, its scope is going way beyond the mobile phone, tablet, TV Screen watch or even a car.  Some of the features that make Android L a true winner:

  • Faster and more efficient

The visual effect of the phone software definitely leaves a great impact on the user. So keeping this thing in concern Google has made lots of efforts to make the working faster. Talking about ART, it is usually an optional runtime for Android KitKat and is now working with ARM and x86 of different MIPS platforms. This makes it twice as fast as the previous versions. Its faster processing has also made it to cover the gap between mobile and desktop quality gaming.

  • Battery Life

More battery life is the major concern of most of the mobile users. Considering this major problem Android L is going to be more efficient regarding battery life. Battery saver mode is also integrated and thus stretches your gadget battery life. When it is used during the day, it lengthens the time by 90 minutes. Even without setting the phone to battery saver mode it can do spectacular work. It was tested that a gadget with Android L has 36% more battery life as compared to KitKat Android 4.4.

  • Notifications and Lock Screen

In Android L notification panel is merged with the lock screen. So, this makes it easy for you to pick up the phone. Just a simple swipe can take you into the phone. Another major change over the notification section is that your notifications will now float over the screen. So, even when you are playing game, if any call comes at that time it will pop up over the top, from where you can easily receive it. This process will be the same with messages as well.

  • Interlocking Apps

Google has enabled your phone app to talk to one another. For example your phone is searching for a place for which it will be using Google earth. Although a lot of things depend on the app developer as well, but they will definitely take advantage of this feature and will be dependent on one another for basic data.

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