How to build a successful android app?

  • by Shah Faisal
  • 1 year ago
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While it’s no rocket science, but it sure is difficult…

Apps are not just a luxury but a necessity today. Be it any business or anyone using it for their personal work, apps have given numerous benefits to them. Android has marked its success in the app industry by being the most preferred platform for mobile application development companies for app development. According to statista, android’s global market share is 84.82% and the average price of an android app is $0.06.

A single mistake in developing your app can bring you down and make you lose customers. Hence, one should be really careful while developing the app to avoid the mistakes to have a great app.

Here are some of the tips that can be used to have a successful android app:

  1. Analyze the Android Market: Rather than just developing an app just for the sake of it, it is always advisable to spend some time to analyze the market before developing your app. The market for android app is very large and holds many opportunities, so to get many users for your app and to make money from it, understand the market before jumping into it.
  2. Android Design Guidelines: Before jumping into developing the android app, it is always suggested to go through the design guidelines for android app development. Properly analyze the specific guidelines mentioned for android apps.
  3. Flexible Designs: Since there are a number of android devices in the market, an app that can fit in any of the size and shapes of the device will win the customer’s, heart. Make sure that your app’s design is compatible with the various android device size. You can also ask your tech savvy audience to test your app’s design.
  4. Don’t Copy iOS Apps: It may sound easy to duplicate an established app, but making a clone of an existing app will not make any use to the customers as they will not get anything new and indeed they will not download your app. Try to give something original to your users with an innovative app.
  5. Avoid Complexity: Try to keep your app as simple as you can. This will help the users to easily except your app and will give a lasting user experience.
  6. Localize your app: Users attach to the app instantly if they find it personal. Give users an app with which they can relate to. Localize the app make necessary changes with the interface and language to let the users believe the app is made for them. Such a way you will get many users instantly.
  7. Be Available Offline: Stay ahead of the many apps that only gives an online access by giving your users an authority to access your app being offline. This could be a good step to gain customers as they don’t always have to worry about being online to use the app.

Use the following mentioned tips and you can have an app that will eventually win many hearts.

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