Apple Music: Seven’s Heaven

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What makes Apple Music Special?

One: Personal radio

Radio is known to be unpredictable when dishing out music from an album. Imagine subscribing to a radio which understands your favorite music compilations based on artists, album and genres. Radio One beats by Apple does exactly the same. Presenting the tracks, customizing it to your likes is the first treat Apple music is promising to you.

Two: Welcome to your own music community

Music is known to bind million hearts together. By broadcasting music to more than 100 countries from three locations, seeking the services of three DJs, Apple is bringing music aficionados on one platform. Apart from expert DJs be ready to listen to guest hosts multiplying your joy of music listening.


Three: 30 million music tracks

Humungous collection to choose from! It is a good list to cater even to a music connoisseur. You are sure to find songs that are close to your heart. If that is not convincing, worry not the list is going to grow bigger. Proactive approach shown by Apple on Taylor Swift’s three month no royalty clause shows Apple’s keen interest and sincerity in facilitating music fraternity.



Four: Pocket friendly subscription

A monthly subscription of USD 9.99 makes it not just a desirable but also the preferred choice for music lovers. For a price of USD 14.99 a family of six can enjoy Apple music. Considering the features like tailor-made radio station, music rendering by experts and the genres it seems to be one of the exciting deals for the music lovers. Three months trial offer is a surely going to convert explorers to loyal customers.

Five: Music@convergence

Diversified genres, interactive radio station, off-line listening and live music streaming Apple music clubs all of it together. Radio tab in Apple Music engages listeners and responds to their liking by compiling similar tracks, letting the users enjoy first-of-its-kind listening to 24/7 radio supported by Apple’s recently acquired Beat One service. iPhone users can also look at relevant third party iPhone apps for great musical treat.


Six: Excellent interface

Thanks to rendering of music curated by experts at Apple, one of five tabs in Apple Music namely ‘For You’ presents list of records based on your choice. It boasts of excellent visual presentation, simple and engaging interface. The New tab presents you surprising list of artists, music albums pulled out from an exhaustive search. Android users may have to wait for a before they can use this feature but they can use other apps for Android to create great compilation.

Seven: Connect with stars

Ask a fan what it feels like to move a step closer to their favorite music composers and singers. Just in case you are interested to know what Pharrell wants to share with you, you can do so by clicking on Connect tab while playing. This is at a nascent stage where this feature doesn’t have many takers. However users can turn this feature off by disabling connect from the Restrictions in the Settings app.


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