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A Definitive Guide to Hiring a Web Development Company

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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Looking to Hire a Web Development Company? Here’s a Short Guide

Now that you have established the grounds for your business, it is probably time to promote yourself and look for the best ways to do it.

You must already be aware that a website is a must have to gain some recognition in the world that is now by default digital.

Your website is not only a point of contact with you; it is also the face of your company and has to represent you in a good image that you have to build up for your company. Especially for an eCommerce business, its website design and development are major factors that decide the success of the business.

So, choosing the right web development company is the first step to the greatness that you want to achieve.

Here is a guide for you to take that step in the right direction in choosing the perfect company to develop your awesome website.

Understand Your Needs

Before you go through a list of website development companies, be it a WordPress website development company, Drupal development company or PHP development company, you should be clear on exactly what you want and how you want them.

The level of sophistication you want for your website, the features that are mandatory, the hosting requirements, the domain name choices and all the other pre-project activities must be done first.

You must have a plan according to which you want the project to proceed. Fix the budget and make sure your plan covers everything you will need.

This will help you easily negotiate with the web development companies and hire the one that can deliver on your exact needs.

Find a List of Companies

The next step is to get a list of web development companies.

You can easily acquire this list with the help of a simple Google search or, by asking your peers, friends and other industry experts.

You can even explore credible business databases, such as Indiamart, and CrunchBase to find a perfect custom web development company.

My best advice to you is to avoid hiring freelancers even though they may be cheaper. That is because your website development does not stop with the completion of your website since you will also need ongoing support and maintenance which many of the freelancers will not be able to provide properly.

So always go for reputed companies which have a good team of skilled professionals behind them.

Shortlist the Companies

Once you have a complete list ready, categorize the companies based on various criteria, for example, their specialty, team size, working hours and pricing.

Get the relevant information from their company site, their references or by contacting them directly. By viewing the categorized list, you can clearly see who will be able to deliver according to your needs.

For instance, if you want to develop a Magento-based site, you can give more preference to companies which have Magento expertise. Shortlist the companies based on such preferences.

Contact the Shortlisted Companies

Make a direct contact to the companies that you have shortlisted. Talk to them about your needs and how they would be able to accommodate your project within the budget and time that you specify. Having face-to-face conversations is better and there are technologies for that, so use them.

Here are some questions that you have to ask the companies:

  • – What are your skills and capabilities?
  • – Tell me about, the experience you have with my industry and with similar websites.
  • – Do you provide any mechanisms to boost traffic to my website?
  • – How will you optimize my website for SEO?
  • – What is your development model?
  • – What design do you follow to give a consistent user experience?
  • – What will be the level of customization that my website will have?
  • – What aspects of the project will be done in-house and what aspects will be outsourced?
  • – Can you give me a demonstration of the tools and technology you use?
  • – What kinds of standards do you follow?
  • – What are the quality control measures you use?
  • – Can you give me an estimate of the time and cost for the project?
  • – What is the level of customer involvement you expect from such a project?
  • – Will you be able to work within our time constraints and budget?
  • – What is included in your price?

You should finally ask the companies for customer references.

Choosing a Company

After you have collected the information from all the shortlisted companies, you must go into a full analysis mode to choose the best one among them.

You should take a lot of factors into consideration besides the general information the company representative has given you.

The first thing you need to look into is their past projects and customer portfolio. Get first-hand information from their previous clients and see how satisfied they were with the company’s services.

You should also look into their design portfolios and see whether they follow a generic design or a unique approach to each and every project.

Furthermore, you must check if the previous websites designed by the company have good quality and a great user experience.

The following pointers can help you analyze their previous work:

  • – Easy navigation
  • – SEO-optimized content
  • – Design style
  • – Mobile friendliness
  • – Ecommerce functionality
  • – Website performance

Research the probable companies in depth by also considering their testimonials and checking if they are committed to the projects they undertake.

The next step is to consider whether the company has good communication. You should be able to get in touch with them easily and have a proper channel of communication. Their responses should furthermore be quick enough and responsible.

In addition, see if they are interested in working with you and have some interest in your business area. This can be an added advantage as a natural interest in your industry means that the company can provide you with a relevant design.

Finally, get a project proposal from the company and see if it matches your vision, budget, and schedule.

Analyze all the factors and come to a final decision. Once you have done this, make sure you have all the legalities and that the contract terms are read and agreed upon before signing the final contract.

So, when do you plan to develop your website? Have you explored any web development companies yet?

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions as we have delivered more than 500 projects and touched 1 million users with a 98.5% customer satisfaction rate.

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