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A Closer Look at the New iOS 9 Enhanced Frameworks

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  • 2 Years ago
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These are the iOS Enhanced Frameworks

The world neither stays the same and nor does the iOS. We’ve witnessed several iOS updates in the recent times and the latest iOS 9 framework update promises a revolutionary change and enhancements as well. So, it is necessary for every mobile app developer to have an idea of what’s new it has for them.

Here we’ve put together an overview of new iOS 9 SDK frameworks that will help you build mobile apps on par by using the best of the enhanced functionalities.

So, lets’ take a look at them.

UIKit framework

The most significant enhancements provided in this package are:

  • – UIStackView class now allows you to manage subviews and arrange them vertically and horizontally without having to use the Auto Layout directly.
  • – A new method called UIApplicationDelegate allows for an open-in-place functionality.
  • – NSLayourAnchor and NSLayoutDimension classes along with layout anchors allow you to define layout constraints in high-level abstractions.
  • – Now you can use dummy views with the help of many Auto layout techniques through the new LayoutGuide class.

WKWebView and Safari View Controller

WebView, which was included first in the iOS 8 version is now upgraded with new features, thus it will make mobile app development easy.

You can now:

  • – Load an HTML file securely
  • – Load binary data and its MIME type
  • – Override user agent string

Another new class WKWebsiteDataStore has been added to the framework and this class enables you to manage cookies and other data stored by websites.

SFSafariViewController is another new class that will let you implement an in-app browsing experience by supporting a lot of added functionality like Safar Reader, content blocking, safari UI and user data sharing.

Core Data

The API enhancements made are:

  • –  NSManagedObject allows you to check any modifications to an object and retrieve the IDs of objects.
  • – Objects can be deleted without having to load them into memory and the persistent store can also be destroyed. Deleting objects have become more flexible.
  • –  Lightweight migrations are more reliable now.


HealthKit adds a whole new range of data types like water intake, UV exposure, and six types of reproductive health types in addition to the old ones. It gives you a better insight into data sources and thus data handling can be optimized for the better.


Home management has been taken to the next level with the help of the HomeKit framework in iOS 9. A targeted delegate has been added and the previous user management API has been deprecated.


The new APIs provided by MapKit allow you to

  • – Customize pin colors
  • – Define a callout view via a custom view
  • – Show or hide traffic information
  • – Show or hide map scale information
  • – Show or hide compass
  • – Derive expected time and arrival time of a transit
  • – Launch map in a transition mode
  • – Display flyover maps for 3D photo model of various places and landmarks

UIKit Dynamics

The UIKit Dynamics enables iOS application development service providers to add realistic physics effect and it includes:

  • – Bezier bounds
  • – Grouping multiple items into a single unit
  • – Model vector force fields
  • – Radial gravity, spring field, magnetic fields and electric fields
  • – New attachment behaviors that let you limit, slide and pin attachment.

Visual Effects

The UIKVisualEffectView framework supports for an easy animation and includes features like the blur and diagnostic pseudo-methods.

Core Audio

The AVAudioEngine introduced in iOS 8 has been upgraded with features like Splitting support, Audio format conversion support and playback of MIDI files.


Some enhancements included are listed below:

  • – Improved metal integration
  • – Ability to use the same filters across platforms
  • – Face detection, QR code detection and shape detection from images.
  • – Color management

Core Motion

Core Motion includes new features like Pace, cadence and Pressure sensing that will help you provide a better user experience.


Metal is not a new framework and iPhone app development service providers must have some experience with it. Now you can make even more use of it with its new metal feature sets and constant updates. It also comes with a new memory model that can work in various modes like private storage mode, shared mode and managed shared mode.


SpriteKit comes with new tools like texture atlas, particle editor, Xcode Quicklook, 2D editor and a new Action editor. Integration has been made smoother and action control has given a whole new set of possibilities.


Multitasking enhancements are available only with the recent versions of iPad devices like iPad Mini 2 and 3, iPad Air 1 and 2. Features like slide over, split view and Picture in Picture mode allow for cool multitasking, proving fruitful iOS application development services.

However, mobile app development solutions providers must know that multitasking puts some restrictions on CPU and memory usage and use of screen bounds to determine the app’s visible area is no more relevant.

 So, which framework you liked the most? Do you have any questions to ask or have any comments? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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