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7 Exciting Trends in Mobile App Design

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 3 Years ago
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The 7 Mobile App Design Trends 

According to a report by Flurry, the mobile analytics firm owned by Yahoo, the use of mobile apps went up by about 76% in 2014. While there has been a shift from gaming and entertainment apps to shopping and eCommerce apps, every year more apps are being used. To keep up with the competition that the expanding market presents, mobile app designs are also evolving every year. Also, the introduction of wearables, in addition to various mobile devices, has contributed some new trends in mobile app designs.

So, take a look at the following are some current exciting trends in designing apps.

1. Big Screens

Mobile phones are getting bigger every other day. This trend directly impacts how mobile apps are designed.

But mobile app developers not only face the issue of a bigger design, they also to deal with the placement of the interactive elements of the app.

As mobile users tend to mostly use their thumb, the elements are usually placed appropriately on the bottom right corner. But mobile design trends are going a step further by making apps easy to use even for left-handed users with the help of the two-handed grip, the option to flip the UI and other innovative designs.

2. Swiping Becomes more Significant

The swiping movement is obviously easier than tapping and mobile app developers are moving towards this type of interaction.

A good example of an app using the swiping motion effectively is Tinder: it uses the swipe right and swipe left signals to carry out operations.

3. Designing for Wearables

As mobile phones get bigger, there is another set of small screened devices that are set to revolutionize the way we deal with smart devices.

There are about 45.7 million wearables ready to be shipped this year and such a huge number should already tell you that there is a vast amount of apps that could be developed for these small gadgets.

Both Apple and Android indicate that the major design point of a wearable app is the importance of glance. These apps should have just enough content and should be intelligible to the user at a quick glance.

4. Layered Flat Design

While the flat design brought a new level of elegance to how mobile apps look, it lacked the usability of a skeuomorphic design that is based on real-life interactions.

The trend is now to capture the best of these two design philosophies with the layered flat design or material design.

It is more of a flat in nature, but also incorporates the natural world qualities of shadows, light effects and object movements to give the user a better user experience.


5. Soft Color Schemes

The color palette trend has been changing every year and this year soft and simple color schemes that have a soft contrast is trending.

These schemes are minimalistic and emphasize the use of cool and soft colors with warm tones. You can follow this design trend to give your users a smooth and pleasant user experience.


6. Typography Becomes Colorful

Mobile apps are no longer restricted by monotype face fonts and web safe fonts.

You can now use more fluid, scalable and readable fonts to add beauty to your design. Technologies like Typekit enables you to make the best of larger screens by using expressive typography that suits your background images and the theme of your mobile app.

7. Blur

Usability takes front stage in almost all design decisions for mobile apps. But many translucent apps are less useful, as they may be difficult to read on certain backgrounds.

To tackle this issue, you can use the built-in blur to make your apps more readable and usable while keeping the feel of the user’s background intact. Many designers are thus using the Gaussian blur effect as it is easy to do and a very effective design trick.

So, what do you think is the most exciting mobile app design trend? Do you have any points to add here? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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