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5 Things Every CIO Needs to Know about Agile Development

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 3 Years ago
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Agile Development CIO

Everything Agile – A CIO’s Guide

Traditional software development approaches have become passé. Dynamic solution and increased collaboration have become mandatory parts of many of the software development scenarios today.

Agile methodology is viewed as the right solution here to address customer’s changing needs. In fact, a large number of businesses have already started embracing agile development over the traditional methods to have the most positive outcomes. But, simply adopting it is not enough. CIOs need to realize that an agile approach can cause a cultural change as well. Also, there are certain details that should never be overlooked. If you fail to do it the right way, things may turn out to be a disaster.

Thus, if you plan to explore the agile development, here are five important things that you must take into consideration.

Agile Is neither A Single Approach nor A Mix and Match Methodology

Agile development is not characterized by a single approach that can be applied to all sorts of development. Instead, it is a set of approaches that share a common philosophy.

While an experienced large-sized organization with state-of-the-art infrastructure may prefer to try out more than one approach, beginner level organizations are advised to go for only one particular approach and master it before they jump to the next one.

You should also remember that each of the agile approaches follows systematic processes and workflows. Hence, you cannot mix the elements of one approach with another randomly.

Also, It won’t be a wise decision to just choose certain elements of an approach and leave out the rest, as every single activity has a major impact on the final outcomes.

You Should Be Ready for Continuous Improvement and Learning

Agile methodologies insist on the importance of continuous improvement in quality and cost effectiveness.

If you plan to adopt agile approaches, you should know that it is going to be a journey towards continuous improvement and learning as these are the fundamental philosophies of this methodology. It is the responsibility of the senior executives along with the junior team members and everyone involved in the project to analyze and keep learning.

 Team Work Is Essential

We all know strong and competent teams are the strongest assets of a company and this holds true for agile as well.

Managing agile teams can be tricky as team members may have to be moved between the teams to facilitate better innovation and collaboration. Also, changing team members in frequent intervals may lead to low productivity.

So, you need to ensure that there is an optimal balance so that teams do not get isolated and at the same time remain productive.

As interactions within and between the various teams has a greater significance in agile development, outsourcing and presence of offshore teams is rarely seen in an agile software development.

Technical Debt Should Not Be Ignored

Many agile adopters fail to recognize the importance of technical debt. As mentioned earlier, they choose to employ only a few elements of the methodology that gives instant results and ignore critical elements like technical debt which is crucial for long-term success.

Technical debt is the difference between the current state of a piece of software or technology from its required state that can meet the specific requirements of a project.

While technical debt is common for all types of software development processes, be it custom mobile app development or PHP application development; the agile methodology is the only one that addresses this issue well.

Hence, it is highly advised that you should take the necessary steps such as refactoring and learning tools and techniques to eliminate the technical debt at all costs.

Agile Methodology Is Not a Universal Solution

You must remember that just a single methodology cannot be suitable for all types of projects. Agile methodology is no panacea either.

As an organization, you will be presented with projects from different classes of problems and domains. You cannot expect agile methodology to be the default methodology to solve all the problems.

While it may be more suitable for most of the projects, others may work better under different development methodologies.

If you follow the aforementioned points, you would be able to capitalize the advantage of agile better. However, it is advisable, to take help from a specialist to ensure you’re on the right path.

So, have you implemented agile already? Or you plan to use it soon? Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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