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5 Foundational Building Blocks in Agile Development

  • by Shishir Dubey
  • 2 Years ago
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Agile Development’s 5 Building Blocks

The agile methodology promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the project life cycle. It helps the cross-functional teams in managing the project’s changing requirements through collaboration and teamwork. It aims at planning and continuous improvement by using iterative work cadences called sprints.

So, do you want to practice agile development methodologies at your organization? If yes, here are the five foundational building blocks for its success. Read on!

  • 1. The Power to Adapt to Change

Change is never easy, but often it is necessary. People tend to hold on to things and processes that are not important. It requires time and energy to bring about a change in the way people think and work.

So, how do you convince your team members about the need to change? Well, you need to present it in a manner that convinces everyone it is the best thing your company has ever done.

You can tell them that their work will be least affected by the change in question. This may get them excited. This creates an amiable working environment and that is what every team craves for.

  • 2. Protect the Enthusiasm

We live in a world where people go by what the society says is the best for them. People tend to go for the tried and tested old methods rather than creating ideas.

But, there are a precious few who can think outside the box. You need to protect their enthusiasm from the outside world. It is like creating a protective layer, or a bubble, around them to insulate them from the rest of the world.

Just words of caution here- while trying to insulate your team, do not end up isolating them. Motivate your team to think on their own. In turn, you have to be ready to accept the failures as part of the job. You must have complete faith and trust in your team. This is what Agile Development preaches.

  • 3. Getting the Team Together

If you want agile development to succeed, you need to have the best people in your team. Now, this does not mean you need to cherry-pick the best resources from all departments. All you need are the people who have the right skills for the task.

The team members need to coordinate and communicate well with each other. The development team is the most critical in the entire project. This team breaks the project into components and determines how much can be done.

You need a team member who serves as the link between the IT and the business part of this project. This person should understand the technical as well as the business aspect.

  • 4. Burn Down chart

Burn down Chart is a great tool to keep things moving in the team. It is more of a graphical representation of the undone work compared to the time left. This tool can motivate the teams and keep them informed of the project status.

It tells you if you are on the right track or need to make some changes. You could update it frequently or do it after every few sprints.

  • 5. Get rid of Unnecessary Pressure

Pressure is necessary to keep the team working. But, excessive pressure can demotivate the members.

For example, daily project status meetings might do more harm than good. It might throw the team members off track for various reasons.

You need to avoid micromanagement of daily tasks just for the fear of failure. Give your members the space and freedom to think and work on their own. Trust your team members to deliver. Faith is the keyword here for agile development.

Hiring an agile specialist is a safe approach to building your agile development team. Agile specialists are trained professionals who have the required knowledge to maximize efficiency.

They can work towards building a strong association among the team members. These specialists can encourage your team and help them overcome obstacles. A team that bonds together can work together.

Is there anything else that you would want to know about agile development? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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