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4 Practical Examples of How Mobile Apps Transform Businesses

  • by Nidhi Singh
  • 3 Years ago
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This is how Mobile Apps Revolutionalize Businesses

Several mobile statistics indicate that the tablets and smartphones are set to out number laptops and personal computers and this leads to the growth of mobile apps.

But, are you still puzzled about how mobile apps can enhance your business? Do you want to see how other organizations are performing after embracing mobile apps and how it has transformed their operations? Then read on.

In this article, we have highlighted four companies from varied sectors and how they actually used mobile apps to transform their business. So, let’s take a look at them.

Comfortably Allow Your Stakeholders to Find New Assignments and Tasks

TrendSource, a marketing research company, just found a new way to provide flexibility to its field agents. The agents can now comfortably find new assignments and easily input the data on their smartphones.

The field agents of TrendSource are sent to various locations on assignment to gather and note important information about the locations assigned to them. Previously, they had to manually submit these notes from their system.

But now, with the mobile app, the whole process is not only easy, but also saves a considerable amount of time.

Implementation: If you have a company that asks employees to update or access databases on the go, simply invest in a mobile app and provide them with ease of access to the database.

Allow Customers Easy Access to Products

VMZINC, a leading provider of architectural rolled zinc, recently digitized their entire process. They released a mobile app through which customers can easily view the zinc products on their smart screens. They can also sort and filter the products based on the characteristics of the products. The mobile app further allows the customers to take a glance at the latest project location of the company.

Implementation: This is an ideal way to allow your target customers to have easy access to your products, especially since this is what every company wants and would undoubtedly make the products more reachable to the company’s targeted customer base.

Streamline the Inventory Process

This is yet another wonderful example of how mobile apps can improve your business flawlessly. Midland Medical is a medical supply distributor in Nebraska which has launched its own mobile app for managing its inventory. The task used to be a herculean one when the employees used to jot down the inventory on paper and then enter that onto the system manually. However, with the introduction of the new custom mobile app, the employees can now scan the new inventory easily into the company’s database with the help of Bluetooth scanners.

Implementation: All companies can use this capacity of smartphones to read data and further aptly communicate with the database.

 Craft a Better User Experience by Allowing Users to Communicate Easily

This is a perfect example of how mobile apps can actually help you enhance your company’s user experience. Amplify Entertainment, a wedding DJ company located in Florida, came up with a unique solution of addressing the requests of wedding guests: the guests no longer need to shout their requests to the DJ and can rather make the song requests directly from the table or dance floor with the smart use of mobile apps.

To communicate this procedure, a small card with well-explained steps to make song requests is handed over to the guests at the party. It was launched on New Year’s Eve in 2011 and has become very famous since then.

Implementation: This sums up the fact that mobile apps could also become a simple mode to communicate with your stakeholders. Easier communication would guarantee a smoother workflow and feedback sharing process which will prove to be healthy for the work environment.


The popularity of the internet made it necessary to have a website. Now, the rise of smartphones has made it necessary for businesses to have mobile apps. You can easily create a custom mobile app depending on the type of business that you have. Apps rule out manual errors, increase the speed of doing business, empower the sales people and boost the overall productivity of your company on the whole.

By now you have an understanding of how mobile apps can accelerate your business. However, you must not settle for an ordinary app and should focus on creating a great app.

If you do not have the in-house expertise, then you should get in touch with a custom mobile app development services provider that has expertise in mobile app development. If you plan to develop apps for both Android and iPhone users, then you must contact a mobile app development services provider that has experience in both Android application development and iOS app development. Do not choose someone who is just experienced with only one platform.

So, do you already use a mobile app for your business or are you planning to develop one?

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